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What is inspireWord? inspireWord is a motivational event and interview series that occurs every weekend intended to inspire and motivate viewers in their walk with Faith. We broadcast 30-minute live interview segments via instagram live so followers can interact with their favorite authors, speakers and influencers.  As a viewer, you will be able to ask questions in real time to the interviewed guest and interact with the discussion. Our guests are some of the most influential faith-based personalities who all come to share unique content to inspire our viewers. Every interview is unique unto itself where guests share motivational and inspiring insights on the Word of God and their own personal stories and experiences.

Our world has changed overnight. In the face of isolation, billions of people confined to their homes are craving community. In the face of anxiety, we are craving calm. In the face of pain, we are craving hope. All which can be found in the Lord.  While many people are more physically isolated from on another than ever before - we are also more connected virtually than ever before. And in this moment of fear and uncertainty, we have a rare opportunity to pause, reflect and relate. How we handle this crisis matters. How we model our behavior matters. If we join together to help each other through this crisis, we will come out of this stronger than ever. Welcome to our answer, our initiative together - inspireWord.





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Friday March 27th, @ 1pm EST - Taylor Schroll, Founder Forte Catholic podcast


Taylor Schroll is a dynamic, up and coming Catholic speaker, worship leader & radio/podcast host at Forte Catholic. He has been in ministry for over 10 years and loves to share his God-given gifts to spread the Gospel.  

Taylor holds two bachelor's degree in Religious Studies and Music Industry. He has also completed half of the work towards a Masters in Theology & Catechetics. He has had the privilege of speaking and leading worship at retreats, youth nights, Catholic school events, youth conferences, men's conferences, parish missions, ministry leader trainings, nights of worship & more. Some highlights have been 6 Fullness of Truth Conferences in Texas, 4 Youth Explosion Conferences in San Antonio, & the Diocesan Youth Conferences of Austin(Texas), Sioux City(Iowa), Burlington(VT) & Steubenville(Ohio), the Sioux City Men's Conference & the Dallas Ministry Conference.

He is also a popular radio/podcast host and his show, Forte Catholic, was nominated for Catholic Podcast of the Year by the Fisher's Net Awards in 2018. (Click the profile image to the left to contact Taylor directly)




Saturday March 28th, @ 7pm EST - Teresa Tomeo, Host of Teresa Tomeo Show


Teresa Tomeo is an author, syndicated Catholic talk show host, and motivational speaker with more than 30 years of experience in TV, radio and newspaper and spent 19 of those years working in front of a camera as a reporter/anchor in the Detroit market. In the year 2000, Teresa left the secular media to start her own speaking and communications company, Teresa Tomeo Communications, LLC.  

Her daily morning radio program, Catholic Connection, is produced by Ave Maria Radio in Ann Arbor, Michigan and now heard on over 200 Catholic stations nationwide through the EWTN Global Catholic Radio Network and is also carried on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio.  Teresa is a columnist and special correspondent for the national Catholic newspaper, Our Sunday Visitor and appears frequently on the EWTN Global Catholic Television Network. Teresa and co-hosts the popular EWTN television series, The Catholic View for Women, and is the field reporter for their annual March for Life coverage in D.C. Teresa has also been featured on The O’Reilly Factor, Fox News, Fox & Friends, MSNBC, and the Dr. Laura Show, discussing issues of faith, media awareness, and Catholic Church teaching, especially as it relates to the culture. (Click the profile image to the left to contact Teresa directly)

[Teresa's interview video will be posted here immediately after it happens] 


Sunday March 29th, @ 7pm EST - Father Leo Patalinghug, Founder of Plating Grace


What are you hungry for? Is it a deepening of faith? A better prayer life? An answer to a tough theological or church topic? Or, a closer relation to God and your family?  Whatever it is you crave, Father Leo Patalinghug, with his unique style of teaching and speaking, can provide you the inspiration that develops a closer, personal, and more meaningful walk with God.  

Fr. Leo is one of the most dynamic, sought-out speakers for the new evangelization. An acclaimed international presenter on a wide variety of topics, he is perhaps best known for his unique approach to connecting the power of food to strengthen family life and build community. His cross-generational presentations focus on high level theology made practical and understandable in an engaging and even entertaining way. Father Leo’s has a podcast called Shoot the Shiitake, which is centered around the power of conversation, listening and learning from his guests – even if they may disagree. Father Leo is the author of the best-selling books Grace Before MealsSpicing Up Married Life, and Epic Food Fight.  His latest book, Saving the Family: The Transformative Power of Sharing Meals with People You Love, was released on March 21, 2019. Father Leo is the host of a weekly international TV show, "Savoring Our Faith" which airs on Eternal World Television Network (EWTN). He has also appeared on the Food Network, and defeated celebrity chef, Bobby Flay on an episode of his show, Throwdown. (Click the profile image to the left to contact Father Leo Patalinghug directly)

[Fr. Leo's interview video will be posted here immediately after it happens] 


Thursday, April 2nd, @ 7pm EST - Father Nathan Cromly




Father Nathan Cromly, CSJ is an informative and engaging speaker, writer, retreat leader, explorer, innovator, educator, and fire-starter for the Lord. Born and raised in Toledo, Ohio, he has joyfully served as a Catholic priest of the Brothers of Saint John for 11 years, and currently ministers in Denver, Colorado. Father Nathan’s spiritual direction, teaching, and dynamic witness has touched the lives of tens of thousands of souls world-wide.  (Click the profile image to the left to contact Father Cromly directly)


 [Father Cromly's interview video will be posted here immediately after it happens] 




Friday April 3rd, @ 3pm EST / 12noon PST - Bas Rutten, Movie Star & UFC Hall-Of-Famer

bas_rutten_inspireWord_motivation_catholic.jpg From UFC (Ultimate Fighting Champion) to UFC  (Ultimate Faithful Catholic). Bas is a UFC Hall of Famer and Heavyweight World Champion. He is also a renowned Hollywood movie star having co-starred in many movies such as Here Comes The Boom, The Zookeeper and Paul Blart: Mall Cop to name a few. Bas is a 3-time World Champion MMA in Japan, the UFC heavyweight Champion in 2015 and was inducted into the UFC Hall Of Fame without a single loss in his last 22 fights. In addition to his professional martial arts and big screen acting career, Bas also is an actor on the sitcom Kevin Can Wait (CBS) with Kevin James and Leah Remini.
A professional fighter, a professionally trained chef and movie star, Bas is every bit of what they call a "man's man". His childhood was rough where he battled a horrible skin disease (eczema), experienced asthma attacks and was bullied on a daily basis. He watched the movie "Enter the Dragon" and realized that when he would become like “Bruce” he could take care of the bullies. Bas did just that when he KO’d his first bully after training only 4 months. His story is truly one of triumph over many challenges from childhood to adulthood, but the best part of his story is his conversion to the Faith through all his success, trials and tribulations. 
(Click the profile image to the left to contact Bas directly)

 [Bas' interview video will be posted here immediately after it happens] 


Saturday April 4th, @ 3pm EST / 12noon PST - Gia Chacon, Founder of March for the Martyrs


Gia Chacon is a speaker, humanitarian, and blogger. She is best known for her passionate speaking and empowering messages on living out one’s purpose. In addition to speaking at events, Gia has published and been featured in articles, on TV, radio shows and is an avid pro-life activist. Daily, she reaches thousands through her social media.

Although raised in a very devout Catholic household, Gia spent many years with one foot planted firmly in her faith and the other dipping into the world. As time went on, the foot dipping in the world became a ball and chain, pulling her deeper into conformity and compromise. At the age of 20, while ministering to the persecuted Church in Egypt, she felt the call of God and experienced a radical shift within her heart. Gia decided at that moment to entirely dedicate her life to serving the Lord and has been doing so with a fiery passion ever since. In addition to missionary work in places such as the highly persecuted city of El Minya, Egypt and the Syrian Border, Gia has made it her mission to bring the life-changing message of God's love and mercy to a culture that is hungry for identity and purpose.  Her ministry and involvement in humanitarian efforts extend from Orange County to South America, and as far as the Middle East.Gia has been featured on EWTN Radio, Relevant Radio, LoveWorldUSATV, and in an article for PastorChrisLiveUSA. She has contributed to ChurchPop and been a special guest on various podcasts. (Click the profile image to the left to contact Gia directly)

 [Gia's interview video will be posted here immediately after it happens] 


Sunday, April 5th @ 4pm EST - Fr. Don Calloway, The Surfing Priest - Author / Speaker / Priest
*NOTE: Father Calloway does not have instagram so his interview conversation will be done via Youtube Live. Follow Catholic Speakers on Youtube to tune in live.


Many who know of Fr. Donald know him because of his conversion story. He has spoken of it at conferences, on television, radio, online, and wherever he can spread the message. This book finally captures in print how Divine Mercy, through the intercession of the Blessed Mother, touched his life. 

In his own words, No Turning Back recounts Fr. Donald's personal story of conversion after reading a book about Our Lady.

Many who know of Fr. Donald know him because of his conversion story. He has spoken of it at conferences, on television, radio, online, and wherever he can spread the message. This book finally captures in print how Divine Mercy, through the intercession of the Blessed Mother, touched his life. 

In his own words, No Turning Back recounts Fr. Donald's personal story of conversion after reading a book about Our Lady. (Click the profile image to the left to contact Father Calloway directly)


 [Father's interview video will be posted here immediately after it happens] 


Friday, April 10th, @ 12 noon EST - Zander, pop / reggae artist and Catholic musician


Zander is a vibrant pop/reggae artist who has shared the stage with Ziggy Marley, Train, Fall Out Boy and other big names. Zander’s upbeat music has received a great reception all over the world. Travel to Australia and Latin America has connected him with his over 250,000 social media followers. With over 4 million streams on Spotify and YouTube, Zander reaches a worldwide audience that appreciates his unique performance and encouraging music. Zander has the rare ability to touch his fans in a way that gives them hope and confidence.

Love of music has been Zander’s "reason to be", since he was very young. Different cultures with their unique music was a great influence on Zander in his search for his personal voice. Miami with the vibrant music, dance, and food culture provide a very interesting tapestry of flavors for the artistic soul. Zander enjoys describing the strong forces that pull on an artist living in Miami, a city both beautiful and aggressive. (Click the profile image to the left to contact Zander directly)


[Zander's interview video will be posted here immediately after it happens] 


Satruday, April 11th @ 3pm EST - David Bereit, Former Founder & CEO of Forty Days For Life



In addition to being one of Catholic Speakers Organization's top fundraising speakers, David is a strategic advisor for many high-impact nonprofit and ministry organizations, a mentor for young ministry leaders, the founder and former CEO of 40 Days for Life, a $70 million fundraiser, and a webcast expert who has hosted hundreds of online events, with audiences as large as 36,000 people, and raising $150,000—$400,000+ per event

Previously, David started and led the global 40 Days for Life movement through its first decade, mobilizing 750,000 volunteers in more than 700 cities across all 50 America states and dozens of nations, whose prayers and efforts have saved 14,643 children’s lives, brought 177 workers out of the abortion industry, and closed 96 abortion centers. David recently stepped away from his role as CEO of 40 Days for Life to pray and plan for a new ministry project, which will be announced soon.

(Click the profile image to the left to contact David Bereit directly)


 [David's interview video will be posted here immediately after it happens] 


Easter Sunday, April 12th, @ 7pm EST - Fr. Frank Pavone, Founder of Priests For Life

father_frank_pavone_inspireWord_motivation_catholic.jpg FR. FRANK PAVONE is one of the most prominent pro-life leaders in the world. Originally from New York, he was ordained in 1988 by Cardinal John O’Connor, and since 1993 has served full-time in pro-life leadership with his bishop’s permission. He is the National Director of Priests for Life, the largest pro-life ministry in the Catholic Church.

He is also the President of the National Pro-life Religious Council, and the National Pastoral Director of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign and of Rachel’s Vineyard, the world’s largest ministry of healing after abortion. He travels throughout the country, to an average of four states every week, preaching and teaching against abortion. He produces programs regularly for religious and secular radio and television networks. He was asked by Mother Teresa to speak in India on the life issues, and has addressed the pro-life caucus of the United States House of Representatives. The Vatican appointed him to the Pontifical Academy for Life and to the Pontifical Council for the Family, which coordinates the pro-life activities of the Catholic Church. He was present at the bedside of Terri Schiavo as she was dying and was an outspoken advocate for her life.
(Click the profile image to the left to contact Father Frank Pavone directly)


 [Father's interview video will be posted here immediately after it happens] 


Friday, April 17th, @ 12noon EST - Andrea Thomas, The Vigil Project



Andrea Thomas is a worship leader, songwriter, entrepreneur, and speaker from Cincinnati, Ohio. She currently serves as co-director, songwriter, and speaker for The Vigil Project, a non-profit organization and community of artists who collaborate to make prayer resources for the Church. 

Andrea Thomas is a worship leader, songwriter, entrepreneur, and speaker from Cincinnati, Ohio. Her love for music, ministry, and business have lead her down unexpected paths. From touring with VeggieTales Live and later with multi-platinum, country music mega star, Collin Raye, Andrea's performance background turned to a deep love for and call to worship and ministry. She has been speaking since 2009, after graduating from Franciscan University of Steubenville, and has a special place in her heart for women’s ministry. Her hope is that women today would understand and embrace the beauty and power of their femininity, believing to her core that as St. Edith Stein says so beautifully, “The world doesn’t need what women have, it needs what women are.” 
(Click the profile image to the left to contact Father Frank Pavone directly)


 [Andrea's interview video will be posted here immediately after it happens] 


April 19th, - Fr. Chase Hilgenbrinck, Pro Soccer Player To Priest


Chase Hilgenbrinck was a professional soccer player before abruptly retiring in order to answer the call to become a priest. He became a seminarian and was ordained in the Diocese of Peoria, studied at Mount St. Mary's Seminary in Emmitsburg, Maryland, before becoming the Assistant Chaplain at St. John's Catholic Newman Center.

His parents, Mike and Kim, raised their children in the Catholic Church.  Being devout Catholics, they attended mass every Sunday, where both of their sons served as altar boys at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Bloomington, Illinois.
Chase made the United States Under-17 national team and was named NSCAA High School All-American before moving on to play for Clemson University.  While at Clemson, Chase was a four-year starter, helping the Tigers to the 2001 ACC Championship and four NCAA tournament births, including two Elite Eight appearances.
After graduating from Clemson in 2004 with a Bachelor's degree in Spanish and International Trade, Chase signed with CD Huachipato of the Chilean First Division.  That same year he was loaned out to second-division club, Deportes Naval. In 2006, Chase moved on to second-division sensation Nublense, and helped the team achieve promotion to Chile's top flight by winning the league title.  After becoming a star player, Chase played the 2007 season with Nublense in the first-division, completing his fourth and final year in the Chilean league.  In two of those years, he was selected the league’s Most Valuable Player at the left fullback position. (Click the profile image to the left to contact Father Chase Hilgebrinck directly)


 [Father Chase Hilgenbrinck's interview video will be posted here immediately after it happens] 


Friday, May 1st - Steve Rey, Convert / Author / Speaker


Stephen K. Ray was raised in a devout and loving Baptist family. His father was a deacon and Bible teacher, and Stephen was very involved in the Baptist Church as a teacher of Biblical studies. After an in-depth study of the writings of the Church Fathers, both Steve and his wife Janet converted to the Catholic Church.

He is the host of the popular, award-winning film series on salvation history, The Footprints of God. Steve is also the author of the best- selling books Crossing the Tiber, and St. John's Gospel.

(Click the profile image to the left to contact Steve Ray directly)


 [Steve's interview video will be posted here immediately after it happens] 


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