Donna A. Heckler


Marketing God - Inspired Strategies  Can our parishes, ministries and apostolates use marketing techniques that work in corporate America and apply them to building God's kingdom?  Global corporate marketing executive and Catholic speaker Donna A Heckler believes the answer is yes.  Based on her highly anticipated book "Marketing God:  Insightful Strategies for Building the Kingdom" this talk will give you the inside secrets for applying secular marketing techniques to reach and engage with more people through your ministry.

And Then God Gave Me A Time Out! Highly motivational and energizing, Ms. Heckler’s shares her personal journey through a shattered leg, a new job and stage three breast cancer.  Trusting in God, while finding humor in her situation at times, this faith-filled Catholic leans heavily on her spiritual foundation to stand up to her challenges, choosing to live as radiantly as possible in the process.

Bio for Donna A. Heckler is a global marketing executive who has been blessed with a prominent career in the corporate sector. Recognized as a thought leader in brand and marketing strategy, she is co-author of the book The Truth About Creating Brands People Love. Donna penned the acclaimed book Living Like A Lady When You Have Cancer after her stage 3 cancer diagnosis. Donna is a Catholic author and speaker with a knack for insightful and engaging story-telling.  Donna's next book:  Marketing God: Inspired Strategies for Building the Kingdom is due out  August 2019 by publisher OSV (Our Sunday Visitor).

Description of talk:  Marketing God - Inspired Strategies

Donna A Heckler brings a wealth of corporate marketing, branding and communication experience to those passionate about their faith.  Pulling from her highly anticipated book "Marketing God: Inspired Strategies for Building the Kingdom" she shares critical strategies that can effectively build your ministry, apostolate or parish. 

Understanding what matters to your organization, Donna can easily customize her talk by pulling from the 40 Truths identified in the book that are most critical for your particular ministry, parish or organization. 

Whether you need a primer in marketing or a deep dive into a particular challenge, Donna's marketing insights will inspire your team to reach and engage with more people. The marketing truths  and insights she provides include Scripture references as well as questions for reflection, all of which will help guide your organization with effective ways of furthering your work, as you strive to build the Kingdom.

Description of Inspirational Speech:  And Then God Gave Me A Time Out!

Donna A Heckler  jokes that God gave her a timeout when she injured her leg.  However, because she didn’t fully learn to sit quietly with him, he gave her another, bigger time out, stage 3 cancer.

Donna has served as a global marketing executive for several multi-billion dollar organizations.  A very accomplished and busy professional, this faith-filled Catholic missed God in her everyday life, and yet couldn’t figure out how to make time for him.  So, God gave her a “time-out” with a freak leg accident.  No sooner had her leg started to heal and she started interviewing for a new job when she discovered her stage 3 breast cancer.

Donna  worked through her treatments but worked even more at trying to live radiantly every day.  Sometimes it meant all she could do was smile.  Other days it meant a lot more, even traveling for work.  During her journey, she kept a journal, a blog.  She has since converted the journal into a book entitled, Living Like A Lady When You Have Cancer.  She interviewed many other patients and medical providers, in an effort to provide countless insights, tips and tricks to live, and live radiantly through a cancer journey.  The book has been recognized as an International Book Awards Finalist winner.

God now takes a front seat in her life as she shares her journey, her beliefs, tips and tricks. The tips and tricks in her book are very practical as Donna believes that if we can easily know about and take care of the little things of everyday life, it frees us up to live radiantly, with God shining through everyday.

Donna shares her story, her path, with humor, faith and passion.  She motivates and energizes you to live your most radiant life, regardless of the journey you are on. 


"Donna's talk has made me realize that I NEED to start spending more time with God."  Gina - Oklahoma 

"I felt badly for whoever had to follow Immaculee.  And then Donna was next and absoloutely knocked it out of the park!"  Margaret - Oklahoma

"She touched my soul!  I truly enjoyed being in her presence."  Michele - Illinois

"Donna was warm, funny, inspiring and faith-filled."  Jane - Missouri

"What an amazing talk.  I wish my sister could have heard her talk when she was going through cancer treatment."  Nancy - Indiana


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