Chris Faddis


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Chris Faddis Catholic Speaker Solidarity HealthShare
Chris Faddis Catholic Speaker Solidarity HealthShare
Chris Faddis Catholic Speaker Solidarity HealthShare

Travels from Phoenix, Arizona

Chris is co-founder and President of Solidarity HealthShare, a national not-for-profit ministry that provides an alternative way to fund health care costs while protecting and practicing Catholic beliefs. He is also the author of It is Well – Life in the Storm,a story that chronicles the inspirational journey he shared with his late wife as she battled colon cancer. Chris is married to Jennifer and they have five children; Gianna, Augustine, Maximilian, Zelie, and Francesca.

On Easter Sunday 2011, Chris’ late wife Angela was admitted to the hospital after an emergency room visit revealed a large mass in her colon and multiple masses in her liver. The diagnosis was stage IV metastatic colon cancer, with no chance at a cure. 

Upon doctors informing the couple of the news, Angela’s words to Chris were, “Jesus still rose, so we will trust.” This statement became the couple’s mission as they strived to trust in Christ and prayed for healing. A friend set up a support page on Facebook, and the couple shared their journey with thousands. Chris remarked early on that he felt God would use this journey for His glory. Angela also remarked that she knew God sought to purify her through this journey. Both of those things happened as thousands watched online as they walked this painfull road; Angela was indeed purified and she “surrendered with joy” to God’s will, ever if that meant death, and God was glorified as many were drawn closer to Christ through the couple’s journey.

Chris had always desired to write a book on trust. During their journey, the couple decided that perhaps they were meant to write a book to tell their story-a story of trust. The book, It is Well – Life in the Storm,was set to be a memoir of a life of faith lived in the middle of the storm. Before completion, Angela died, but Chris continued writing, with the self-published book released Oct. 1, 2013. To date, nearly 10,000 copies have been sold and audiences around the country have been inspired by Angela’s faithful journey.

Frustrated and inspired to make a difference from his experience in dealing with his wife's cancer treatment and medical hardships, Chris collaborated with Dr. John Oertle and Brad Hahn to form a concept of healthcare that was based on Catholic values. In an effort to design an ethical and affordable option for healthcare, Solidarity HealthShare was born. 

Solidarity has seen tremendous growth since opening to the public in 2016 and to date serves over 24,000 members in all fifty states. Solidarity’s goal is to help members pay for affordable healthcare by enabling their commuuniry to share in each other’s eligible medical expenses while staying true to the moral teaching of the Catholic Church. Solidarity HealthShare seeks to restore and rebuild an authentic Catholic healthcare culture. They honor the dignity of the human person created in God’s image and are committed to promoting the Church’s teachings and traditions with regard to love, responsibility, and protecting the sanctity of all human life.

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