Ken Ogorek

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Ken Ogorek Author New Evangelization Theology
Ken Ogorek Author New Evangelization Theology

Travels from Indianapolis, Indiana

Ken Ogorek is more than a speaker.  Ken is your next Catholic retreat leader!

One-and-done talks can be great.  But what about a series of brief sessions that walks folks through a process of spiritual renewal and deepened discipleship?

Whether it’s a day of reflection, a parishioner or staff retreat, or a parish mission, let Ken Ogorek bring his years of experience in evangelization, catechesis and pastoral ministry leadership to your next retreat/renewal opportunity!

Ken currently serves in the Secretariat for Worship & Evangelization, Archdiocese of Indianapolis.  In addition to his diocesan work, he is an author and a Catholic leadership consultant/trainer, plus a widely-traveled speaker and—of course—an accomplished retreat facilitator!  Ken will customize a retreat experience for your specific group—based on listening to your needs and your desired outcomes.

Your people deserve great reflection/renewal opportunities.  Start a conversation with Ken today about your next retreat.

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