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Ken Ogorek

Ken Ogorek Catholic Speaker

Travels from Indianapolis, Indiana

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Since 1997 Ken has worked at the diocesan level to help provide authentically Catholic evangelization and catechesis for God's people from womb to tomb--all by His grace.  Ken speaks on a variety of doctrinal and moral topics as well as how we can all work together to help make Catholic faith formation engaging, compelling and effective.  Recently Ken added leadership consulting to his activities and can speak to groups of Catholic leaders (e.g. pastors, principals, bishop's cabinets) about organizational health for apostolic impact.  Invite Ken to tailor a presentation to the unique needs of your group or gathering!

Background highlights:

--staff member for several bishops

--author of catechisms for adults and youth


--master’s from a pontifical center for catechetical studies

--undergraduate background in psychology & English as well as religion

Awards and honors:

--president, National Conference for Catechetical Leadership (elected by peers on platform of authentic catechetical renewal)

--named crumb boy on graham cracker day in kindergarten

Expertise acquired via…

--work with hundreds of pastors, DREs, youth ministers, principals on Catholic identity, evangelization, disciple-making

--networking and collaboration with peers, counterparts in dioceses throughout North America

Major conference appearances:

--St. John Bosco Conference (Franciscan U. of Steubenville)

--National Association of Catholic Family Life Ministers

--multiple diocesan conferences across the USA

Sample talks:  ***please invite Ken to tailor a talk for your needs***

Catholic Identity in the Home

-- How can we equip families to live the Faith in our times?  Addressing this question requires knowing the building blocks of Catholic identity as well as current cultural forces that can undermine authentically Catholic family life.  When we collaborate with parents and parish catechetical leaders in reinforcing the faith foundation of each family we serve, we do an important work of mercy—and empower families for showing mercy to others!

Teaching on Tough Issues:  Practical Tips for Helping God’s People Embrace His Challenging Truths

-- Church teaching on reserving ordination to men, on fertility awareness and on homosexual behavior is difficult for some to accept.  What's behind these teachings, and how can we help God's People understand, accept and live Catholic faith in its fullness and beauty?  Parents, pastors, religion teachers, DREs, youth ministers and principals will learn helpful, effective ways of explaining some hard sayings pastorally.

From Maintenance to Mission: Organizational Health & Disciple-Making in Parishes

--This talk covers three basic areas:  1) What is organizational health?  2) Concrete ways being organizationally healthy can help parishes make disciples; and 3) Proven ways to improve your parish’s organizational health.  Catholic leaders such as pastors, principals—and even bishops—have benefitted greatly from hearing these principles and putting them in to action, by God’s grace!

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