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Ellen Salter Catholic Speaker
Ellen Salter Catholic Speaker

Travels from Detroit, Michigan

Ellen Salter is a pro-life speaker whose greatest passions in life are serving Jesus, caring for and loving her family and defending every soul’s right to life as a gift from God. Ellen’s daughter, Meghan, has an undiagnosed medical condition which renders her unable to eat, speak, move or breathe on her own.  Meghan, who wasn't expected to live past 6 months, is now 16 years old and has been on life support since she was an infant and is cared for at home by her family. Ellen boldly defends life, speaking out for the handicapped, weak and vulnerable in our society, as well as opposing euthanasia. Through scripture and prayer, she unites her families sufferings, drawing them closer to the heart of Christ.

Ellen's emotionial testimony has touched audiences both young and old by taking them on her journey to encounter Christ in the midst of their daughter's life threatening medical condition. Ellen has spoken at the Catholic Women’s Conference and pro-life conferences in the Archdiocese of Detroit. She has also spoken at Legatus Chapter dinners, Catholic medical conferences, marriage conferences, as well as with numerous Catholic parishes, colleges, high schools, middle schools and elementary schools. She has been a key note speaker for Right to Life of Michigan, both state functions and affiliate dinners, throughout the State of Michigan and continues to be on their internal recommended speaker bureau list. Ellen has been interviewed by Teresa Tomeo, a local morning show talk host with Ave Maria Radio and also nationally with Catholic Connection; both of which she has been a guest. She has been featured on Fox News advocating for the life of the disabled. She is trained under Patients Right Council, in conjunction with the Michigan Catholic Conference and Right to Life of Michigan. Ellen has been a professional pro-life speaker since 2005.

Humbled by the calling the Lord has bestowed on her family, Ellen has been recognized by many organizations for defending life. Ellen received the Right to Life of Michigan’s "Life Achievement Award" in 2011. The Salter family received the 2010 “Family of the Year Award” from the Knights of Columbus in Dearborn, Michigan.  Ellen received the 2007 “Mother of the Year Award” from Right to Life-Lifespan.  Most recently, the family received the "Patron of Life Award" from Mary’s Mantle; a Michigan residence for pregnant, homeless women. The Salter family is featured on an Emmy award winning documentary that continues to be aired world-wide on EWTN cable television. Meghan has been an incredible blessing to her family, and all those who know her. 

Ellen has been contacted by people worldwide for advice, encouragement, hope and prayer. She is a life-long Catholic and an active parishioner of Divine Child Catholic Church in Dearborn, Michigan. At Western Michigan University, Ellen earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, along with communications and sociology minors.

Talk Topics:

In Defense of Life: Defending the Most Vulnerable, Handicapped and Weak in Our Society

The Gift of Life: Catholic Teachings on Life-Support and End of Life Issues

Redemptive Suffering: Entering Into the Heart of Christ

A Journey to the Heart of Christ: Finding Peace and Joy in the Midst of Suffering

The Miracle of Meghan: A Medical Mystery of a Soul Created in the Image of God.

An Obedient and Joyful Heart: Encountering Christ through Unconditional Love and Surrender

Speaking Without Using Words: How Meghan Brings Souls to Christ Without Speaking a Single Word


"It's one thing to say we're pro-life or to even vote pro-life.  But it's an entirely different matter when being pro-life means that we are tested in just about every way imaginable-spiritually, emotionally, and even physically.  That's why I strongly recommend my dear friend Ellen Salter, as the motivational speaker for your next event. Ellen and her family have and continue to face challenges that even the toughest Christian among us would find daunting.  But yet they move forward loving, growing, and learning as they continue to care for their special needs daughter, Meghan. Whether you're hosting a pro-life gathering, a women's conference, or a parish seminar, Ellen Salter's journey will inspire even the most lapsed or lethargic believer and motivate participants to put their faith as well as pro-life beliefs into action." - Teresa Tomeo
"Ellen Salter is an articulate, passionate, and wholly committed advocate for every human life. I’ve long known Ellen, and have seen firsthand her dedication to Meghan, her precious daughter whose life was threatened by physicians who recommended ending her treatment. Ellen’s pro-life/pro-family message comes not only from her experience caring for Meghan, but also on the basic right every human person has to life regardless of their ability, circumstance, or age. Ellen’s witness is one that you will not soon forget—a story of never giving up hope and why caring for our most medically vulnerable is one of our Lord’s greatest gifts." - Bobby Schindler
"It has been a joy and pleasure to know Ellen Salter and her family for more than 20 years now. In my entire life as a priest, I have rarely come across a woman with such a combination of strength, passion, gentleness and kindness as Ellen. She is a true disciple of Jesus, and a passionate and compassionate voice for the sanctity of all human life. Her story of what God has done in and through all of her children, but especially through her dear daughter, Meghan, is one that needs to be heard!" - Father John Riccardo

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