Lauren Costabile

Lauren Costabile Catholic Speaker

Travels from Paramus, New Jersey

Lauren Costabile is a young, dynamic Catholic speaker and singer who hopes to use her gifts and talents to inspire others and make this world a brighter place. Born and raised in New Jersey, Lauren speaks on the importance of a personal relationship with God and how He has worked so powerfully in her life and encourages all that you can truly overcome anything with God by your side. Her powerful witness will give audiences a deeper appreciation for God’s love in their lives.

Growing up Catholic, but never having an authentic relationship with God, Lauren spent many years trying to fill herself with all the comforts of the world, until a painful life changing experience put everything into perspective and made her realize that the happiness we are all seeking comes from God and God alone. At 20 years old, she became the victim of a violent crime. The worst and scariest night of her life actually became her saving grace that restored her faith. With a renewed purpose, Lauren offers hope as she shares her story of how God can not only help bring you through a situation, but strengthen you because of it. She speaks on how God's saving power is bigger than any obstacle we may have to overcome. She encourages all that the key to life is a relationships with God.  

 "We are all on a journey, we all have a story. God is not finished with us yet. He loves us unconditionally and always provides opportunities for us to learn and grow in our faith, we just have to open our eyes to Him and become aware of His workings in our lives. I turned away from God for many years and learned this the hard way, but it doesn't have to be hard. God desires a relationship with each and every one of us and He is the key to true happiness and joy." 

Lauren has been speaking and singing for the past 10 years at numerous Dioceses, Parishes, Youth Events and Conferences across the United States. She is also featured as a singer and presenter in the Array of Hope Concert which tours the country evangelizing through witness and music. She has been featured on EWTN, Sirius XM the Catholic Channel, The Net TV, Catholic TV, Real Faith TV and Relevant Radio. 

 “I truly feel that God turns our brokenness into beauty and that is what He does every time I am given the opportunity to speak and share my story. I hope that the pain of what I went through can be used to help and heal someone else and bring them closer to God's love.”

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