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Zander - Catholic Musician and Speaker
Zander - Catholic Musician and Speaker
Zander - Catholic Musician and Speaker

Travels from Miami, Florida

Zander is a vibrant pop / reggae artist who has shared the stage with Ziggy Marley, Train, Fall Out Boy and other big names. Zander’s upbeat music has received a great reception all over the world. Travel to Australia and Latin America has connected him with his over 250,000 social media followers. With over 4 million streams on Spotify and YouTube, Zander reaches a worldwide audience that appreciates his unique performance and encouraging music. Zander has the rare ability to touch his fans in a way that gives them hope and confidence.

Love of music has been Zander’s "reason to be", since he was very young. Different cultures with their unique music was a great influence on Zander in his search for his personal voice. Miami with the vibrant music, dance, and food culture provide a very interesting tapestry of flavors for the artistic soul. Zander enjoys describing the strong forces that pull on an artist living in Miami, a city both beautiful and aggressive.

Zander now plays and performs at Catholic events, including Young Catholic Professionals where he leads professionals to trust in their gifts. Driving across country on his own, Zander realized that every moment of life teaches us more about ourselves. Life is a real challenge, but it is up to each of us to meet it head on without fear. Zander also describes the hits and misses of a career in music where there is so much dishonesty and betrayal.

Zander was born in Hong Kong and lived in Scandinavia, as well as several different cities in the United States. He considers that his guitar and ukulele are his friends, helping him to reach each of his fans on a very personal level. Sincerity is so much a part of his music because it strengthens people trust in one another.  The music business is a very tough place realize success, but Zander hopes that his perseverance will win the day. Zander shares in his talks how daily Mass and daily prayer are the great strengths for young people to fight against discouragement.

Starting with his own band as manager, promoter, lead singer, and guitarist, Zander was faced with many challenges. His band members left him one by one, and rejection became the name of the game. Zander’s talks recount all of his challenges on his journey to Faith. The Rosary was key to open his heart to the Blessed Mother’s powerful intercession. A sincere confession drew him closer to God, and he now attends daily Mass and gives talks to young people who are seeking God’s presence on their journey. Zander truly believes that God has a plan for each of us.

Speaking Topics:

Miami Vice: Living in a city that's all about physical beauty, money, and power can pull you away from the true beauty of our Faith and God's Love.

-Betrayal Teaches Perseverance: Pushing through betrayal helps you to trust in God's presence and
persevere and grow deeper in Faith.

-Mass Answers Our Prayers: Mass can truly transform and strengthen your journey, if you seek to
understand it's meaning.

-Healing Through the Rosary: Our Blessed Mother leads us closer to Christ through this beautiful
prayer of repetition for peace.

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