About Catholic Speakers Organization

About Catholic Speakers Organization

 The Catholic Speakers Organization Mission Statement:
"To evangelize the Word of God through those that do it best, our speakers."

We Help Event Organizers Financially
Since 2006, we have grown to become the largest Catholic-focused speaking agency and network in the world.  For every 4th speaker that your organization books, Catholic Speakers will pay 10% of the speaking fee to help support your organization in appreciation, and to encourage you to continue turning to The Catholic Speakers Organization to book speakers.

Catholic Speakers has also established a scholarship fund to financially help event organizers with honorariums and expenses.  The Catholic Speakers fund has financially helped countless parishes and conferences successfully host events, where without it, would not have been possible. Contact us today to learn more about how you and your event can benefit from the Catholic Speakers Financial Aid Fund by simply booking one of our speakers.

All of our speakers have been rigorously screened and vetted.  All are diocesan approved and leaders in their fields.  Sponsors from all over the world trust Catholic Speakers year after year to help them find the perfect speaker for their annual fundraiser event or major conference. We have aggregated and streamlined accessing needed speaker materials for the event coordinator.  The Catholic Speakers website provides Letters of Good Standing, full biographies, head shots and videos all in one place, making accessing them extremely simple to view and download.  If you are an aspiring Catholic musician or speaker and are looking for professional representation, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. 

"I've been in contact with Catholic Speakers to book a speaker for our Youth Mass in October, and the level of service I have experienced without even booking anyone has been amazing.  Please know how happy the Diocese of Syracuse has been with the service we've received so far, and that we greatly look forward to working with Catholic Speakers in the future." - Denise S., Interim Program Coordinator, Catholic Diocese of Syracuse

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In 2017, CMG Booking became The Catholic Speakers Organization
Our company was originally founded as CMG Booking in 2006. We are the world’s very first Catholic-focused speakers bureau, and have since grown to provide the Catholic speaking and events industry services that were not possible before. We have set the precedent of streamlining the processes and challenges both event organizers and professional speakers face when organizing events. We provide the highest quality of professional representation for the elite speakers selected to become part of our unique and exclusive organization. Our outreach to the world continues to grow within the millions, helping us support and book our speakers for more and more events every year. Event organizers from all over the world return to us on a consistent basis to benefit financially from our financial aid fund and to use our state-of-the-art website to gain access to hundreds of Catholic speakers by the click of a mouse.


Our logo was designed to signify three very important elements of Faith.  It was inspired by the Torch Of Truth, a symbol of the Dominican Order. The symbol originated from a dream that the mother of St. Dominic had while she was pregnant with him.  She dreamed of her child symbolically as a little black and white dog, illuminating the world by carrying a torch in his mouth. The Dominican Order, later founded by St. Dominic, is known as the “Order of Preachers”.

Our logo was designed to signify three important aspects of Faith and when looking at the logo you can identify each aspect separately from the holistic picture. 1) The Flame: Signifies the Holy Ghost and the perfect Divinely inspired truth we call the Word of God. 2) The Microphone: signifies evangelization, preaching and spreading the Word of God. 3) The Chalice: signifies the Holy sacrifice of the Mass, the utmost perfect prayer and offering to God.

We are proud and blessed by the grace of God to have grown into what we are today, helping spread His Word via those who do it best. Our acquisition of Catholic Speakers Association is a testament to the hard work and support we have received from all of those that have worked with us, as well as the good work we strive to infuse into the world on a daily basis.  Click the image below to read more details surrounding the acquisition here:

CMG Booking Acquires Catholic Speakers Association cs