Gia Chacon

Gia Chacon Catholic Pro Life Speaker
Gia Chacon Catholic Pro Life Speaker
Gia Chacon Catholic Pro Life Speaker - Medical Mission on the Syrian Border
Gia Chacon Catholic Pro Life Speaker - Guest on "An Inside Look" on LoveWorldUSA
Gia Chacon Catholic Pro Life Speaker
Gia Chacon Catholic Speaker

Travels from Orange County, California

Gia Chacon is a speaker, humanitarian, and blogger. She is best known for her passionate speaking and empowering messages on living out one’s purpose. In addition to speaking at events, Gia has published and been featured in articles, on TV, radio shows and is an avid pro-life activist. Daily, she reaches thousands through her social media.

Although raised in a very devout Catholic household, Gia spent many years with one foot planted firmly in her faith and the other dipping into the world. As time went on, the foot dipping in the world became a ball and chain, pulling her deeper into conformity and compromise. At the age of 20, while ministering to the persecuted Church in Egypt, she felt the call of God and experienced a radical shift within her heart. Gia decided at that moment to entirely dedicate her life to serving the Lord and has been doing so with a fiery passion ever since.

In addition to missionary work in places such as the highly persecuted city of El Minya, Egypt and the Syrian Border, Gia has made it her mission to bring the life-changing message of God's love and mercy to a culture that is hungry for identity and purpose. 

Her ministry and involvement in humanitarian efforts extend from Orange County to South America, and as far as the Middle East.

Gia has been featured on EWTN Radio, Relevant Radio, LoveWorldUSATV, and in an article for PastorChrisLiveUSA. She has contributed to ChurchPop and been a special guest on various podcasts.

Young Adult/Youth, Bible, and Motivational:
Using the empowering and living words of the Bible as a source, Gia will deliver an encouraging message that will be tailored to the theme of your event. Gia believes that every person has an important and unique calling on their life and the way to achieve what God has in store is through experiencing and remaining in the love, mercy, and grace of Jesus Christ.

-"Why the Devil Hates Women": Gia uncovers the real "War on Women" and the sinister effects the degradation of human dignity has on society.
- Christian Persecution: Using her experiences through travel and research, Gia will expand on the religious oppression and persecution Christians face in the most war-torn countries such as Syria, Iraq, and Egypt.

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