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Travels from San Antonio, Texas

Steve Pokorny is a dynamic Catholic speaker, author and TV host who truly inspires his audience to desire and live an authentic Catholic vision for life and love.  For over 15 years, Steve has been sharing his unique style of delivery, which captivates audiences of all ages, especially with his witty, yet sincere personality.  He has a vast knowledge of the Faith, as well as a strong commitment to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as handed down by the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.  Steve Pokorny offers powerful presentations, retreats, workshops and missions dealing with the critical topics of chastity, love, marriage, and pro-life, as well as freedom from pornography, all from a Theology of the Body (TOB) perspective.  While most of Steve’s talks are TOB based, he has many talk topics to choose from or he can customize a presentation or keynote to make a lasting impact on your audience.  Steve is a frequent guest on Catholic radio and podcasts from EWTN to Relevant radio and many more.


Theology of the Body ~ Men’s Conferences ~ Marriage & Family ~ Dating & Chastity ~ Freedom from Pornography ~ Pro-Life ~ 
Teen & Young Adult Conferences  ~ Confirmation Retreats/Workshops

Steve Pokorny is passionate about bringing freedom to those who are held bound by the lies of our pornified culture, most especially our youth, who are being fed false narratives about their identity from the media they consume; and saying the "pornified culture" goes beyond pornography, as understanding the gift of our sexuality and being able to "see and love" others as God intended is foundational to the meaning of our being and existence. He believes in the intrinsic goodness and value of every person and their need to live from this reality. Steve has been entrusted with the gift of being able to reveal God’s glorious plan for men and women’s lives by discovering their heart’s deepest desire. Seeing a person walk in freedom from bondage is the fire that motivates him to share this Good News of the Gospel of the Body and our call to love as God loves.

Redeeming Our Vision is a 12-part TV series, slated to air in 2019 on Shalom World TV (currently in post-production). Based on Redeemed Vision (see below for description), Steve walks viewers through the truth about the pornography industry and its effects, revealing how this impacts us all. With the backdrop of nature and beautiful imagery from two Byzantine churches, by unpacking God’s glorious plan for our lives and weaving his powerful testimony of redemption throughout, Steve illumines how coming to see our greatness as sons and daughters of the Most High and living from this dignity satisfies what the pornified vision can never provide.

Steve Pokorny’s 14-year Magnum Opus Redeemed Vision: Setting the Blind Free from the Pornified Culture, is a comprehensive and powerful tool not only for those with pornography compulsion, but also for equipping readers with practical ways to help rebuild a culture of beauty and pure love, which is an essential part of overcoming the many challenges our pornified culture presents. Redeemed Vision has a concrete game plan to help readers see as God intended, which elicits the joy and peace that we are all looking for.  This book is especially important for men, women, marriages, families, and clergy who are looking for lasting answers to the plague of pornography.

Driven by the joy of being set free from his compulsion to pornography and gifted with a unique set of talents, Steve developed a one-to-one mentoring system that breaks the power of pornified images permanently.  By God’s grace, both men and women are being released from the bonds that seemed impossible to break…FREEDOM is REAL!


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