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Father Leo Patalinghug

Father Leo Patalinghug


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Father Leo Patalinghug
Fr. Leo Patalinghug
Fr. Leo Patalinghug
Fr. Leo Patalinghug
Father Leo Patalinghug
Fr. Leo Patalinghug Catholic Speaker

Travels from Baltimore, Maryland

What are you hungry for? Is it a deepening of faith? A better prayer life? An answer to a tough theological or church topic? Or, a closer relation to God and your family?  Whatever it is you crave, Father Leo Patalinghug, with his unique style of teaching and speaking, can provide you the inspiration that develops a closer, personal, and more meaningful walk with God.

Father Leo is many things. In addition to being a priest member of the community of consecrated life Voluntas Dei (The Will of God), he is a renowned chef, author, podcast host, theologian, relationship expert, black-belt martial arts instructor, international speaker, entrepreneur, and more.

Through everything Father Leo does, his message is one that unifies people, even if that means having difficult conversations and addressing uncomfortable topics. He helps us build a closer relationship with God, and each other. His work aims to strengthen our own family relationships, while broadening the relationships we have as a global family.

Plating Grace is a movement led by Father Leo with a mission to build relationships, strengthen families, as well as communities, utilizing the power of food. The movement began with one proven concept; the act of sharing meals can help families thrive and bring people together who may have different views or backgrounds. Plating Grace has now reached thousands of people through Father Leo’s pilgrimage around the world to feed people body, mind and soul.

In 2015, Father Leo founded The Table Foundation, a nonprofit organization with a mission to support to culinary community along with assisting those returning to the community from the prison system. The objective being to assimilate them through a formation process and give them culinary training to obtain skills needed to earn gainful employment.

Where you can find Father Leo:

  • Podcast: Available on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, and Spotify, "Shoot the Shiitake" is Father Leo’s new podcast centered around the power of conversation, listening and learning from his guests – even if they may disagree.
  • Books:  Grace Before Meals, Spicing Up Married Life, and Epic Food Fight are best-selling books written by Father Leo.  He latest book, Saving the Family: The Transformative Power of Sharing Meals with People You Love, was released on March 21, 2019.
  • Television: Father Leo is the host of a weekly international TV show, "Savoring Our Faith" which airs on Eternal World Television Network (EWTN). He has also appeared on the Food Network, and defeated celebrity chef, Bobby Flay on an episode of his show, Throwdown.
  • Thought Leadership:  An internationally acclaimed and sought out speaker, Father Leo has an exemplary curriculum vitae with multiple theology degrees.  Additionally, he frequently serves as a contributor to a variety of outlets and has been featured nationally on CBS Sunday Morning, ABC World News, NPR, The 700 Club, Fox and Friends, and many others.

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