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Fr. Leo Patalinghug
Fr. Leo Patalinghug
Fr. Leo Patalinghug
Fr. Leo Patalinghug
Father Leo Patalinghug
Fr. Leo Patalinghug Catholic Speaker

Travels from Baltimore, Maryland

What are you hungry for? Is it a deepening of faith? A better prayer life? An answer to a tough theological or church topic? Or just a closer relationship with God? Whatever it is you crave, Fr. Leo Patalinghug, in his own unique style of teaching and speaking can provide you with the inspiration to develop a closer, personal, and meaningful walk with God.

Fr. Leo is the host and founder of Plating Grace, an apostolate to strengthen families and communities around the dinner table. He is also recently the founder and President of the non-profit, The Table Foundation, that works to harvest the power of food to do good. Its mission is to assist those coming from the prison system and assimilate them through a formation process, all well giving them culinary training to obtain skills needed to earn gainful employment.

Fr. Leo Patalinghug is a priest member of the community of consecrated life Voluntas Dei (The Will of God). He currently resides in Baltimore and is the host of a weekly international TV show, "Savoring Our Faith" on EWTN. He is a best-selling author with titles such as, Grace Before Meals, Spicing Up Married Life, to Epic Food Fight, as well as an internationally acclaimed and sought out speaker. Fr. Leo has an exemplary curriculum vitae with multiple theology degrees, which he taps into not only in his books, but in the messages, he takes with him as he travels the globe.

Further, Fr. Leo is an internationally renowned conference speaker, author, TV host, radio contributor on a variety of relevant topics – for all age groups and types of audiences. He recently launched a brand new podcast called, "Shoot the Shiitake" where he aims to build bridges with honest, sincere, sometimes raw, but also helpful conversations regarding difficult topics for the Catholic church and people in general, all while showing compassion and mercy for the person sharing their story. His unique background as a two-time black belt martial arts instructor and choreographer for an award-winning break-dancing group has caught the attention of many media and entertainment outlets, from ABC, PBS, NBC, FOX, the Cooking Channel, and also the Food Network where Fr. Leo defeated the world-famous chef in a competition called, “Throw Down with Bobby Flay!”

Fr. Leo frequently contributes articles for a variety of papers and magazines and shares his message across the country and the world through his website, videos, live presentations, retreats, and parish missions bringing all types of people with diverse backgrounds to the table. With an attention for making deep discussions more bite sizable, Fr. Leo and his movement, Pating Grace and the non-profit group, The Table Foundation is helping to bring our world together one plate of grace at a time.

Book A Feed My Faith Event At Your Parish
Thank you for the invitation to be part of your efforts to feed the faith of people with the love of God. What began as an informal community encounter has grown into an international movement offering a unique, fun, yet substantial encounter with Christ and Catholicism. This is the New Evangelization. Can you imagine what it was like for the disciples spreading the Gospel for the first time? They met in people's homes and ate with them. So much can happen when people meet God at His dinner table. That's what this event will do: create a hunger in people to eat with Jesus.

Fr. Leo brings to this event "The Five E's": Evangelism, Education, Engagement & Entertainment, guided by the final "E" of Excellence, as we are committed to offering you a first rate, professional and exciting experience! All who participate will leave with a renewed desire to pursue Christian excellence in their life.


The "Feed My Faith Tour" is a ticketed event that presents the Catholic faith in a dynamic, faithful and fun way for people of all ages - Catholic and non-Catholic alike. The Host Parish or Host Organization (aka Host) does not pay a speaker fee or transportation costs. Instead the Host provides a venue and organizes a team's effort to promote ticket sales for a minimum of 500 people.

The "Feed My Faith Tour" is a ONE DAY event with the option of including an additional day to feature a Cooking Demonstration by Fr. Leo and Dinner for attendees.
The Schedule for the "Feed My Faith Tour" is as follows:

Weekday Saturday
5:00pm 8:00am Teaching Mass (Optional, can be open to the public)
5:45 8:45 Music & Introduction
6:00 9:00 Presentation # 1
6:50 9:50 Break & Merchandise Sales
7:20 10:20 Presentation # 2
8:10 11:10 Short Break
8:25 11:25 Presentation # 3 with Prayer & Music
9:25-9:30 12:25-12:30 Closing Comments and End of Event

Schedule for Cooking Event & Dinner Option with Fr. Leo:
Hosts have the option to pursue an additional event in which Fr. Leo works with a team of cooks to prepare a special demo and meal for at least 200 people who purchase tickets, keeping in mind the appropriate venue’s capacity. The Host provides a culinary team and covers the cost of food to work with Fr. Leo and his culinary assistant.

Weekday - This separate cooking event will be the following day with prep & cooking done the morning before the dinner.

Saturday - This separate cooking event will be that evening with prep and cooking done the afternoon before the dinner.

6:30pm Welcome with appetizers
6:45pm Cooking Demonstration and Talk
7:30pm Dinner is served
8:15pm Desserts with Q & A from the Audience
9:00pm Closing Prayer and End of Event

Please contact us right away to get more details and logistics on how to bring Father Leo and Feed My Faith to your parish.

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