William Kilpatrick

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William Kilpatrick

Travels from Ft. Meyers, Florida

Many Catholics suffer from a dangerous knowledge gap about Islam. In his fact-filled and thought provoking presentations, Dr. William Kilpatrick explains what every Catholic needs to know about Islam.

Dr. Kilpatrick is the author of eight books, including the highly acclaimed Why Johnny Can’t Tell Right from Wrong and, most recently, Christianity, Islam, and Atheism: The Struggle for the Soul of the West (Ignatius Press, 2012). His articles on Islam have appeared in Investor’s Business Daily, FrontPage Magazine, Catholic World Report, The National Catholic Register, and other publications. Dr. Kilpatrick is a frequent lecturer on college campuses and to church groups and has been a keynote speaker at numerous conferences. In addition to his talks to U.S. audiences, he has lectured to audiences in Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Mexico, and Canada. He has been a guest on numerous radio and television network programs including EWTN radio, the 700 Club, and Christian Broadcasting Network.
Although Christians in the Muslim world are the victims of widespread persecution, Christians in the West have been lulled into complacency by the largely unexamined belief that Islam and Christianity share much in common. Dr. Kilpatrick offers a wake-up call for those who underestimate the threat from Islam. He shows why Islam is not like any other religion and why cultural jihad rather than armed jihad is the main threat to our society.
Professor Kilpatrick is available to give the following talks:
What Catholics Need to Know about Islam
What are the crucial differences between Islam and Christianity and why don’t we hear about them? The  accelerating Islamization of the West and why stealth jihad is a greater danger than armed jihad. How criticism of Islam is silenced.
Why Johnny Can’t Read the Writing on the Wall
How multicultural education impairs our ability to recognize the threat from Islam. How textbooks demonize Christianity and whitewash Islam. How multicultural ideology is destroying Europe. Is America next? How to counter the disinformation campaign.
Jesus of Nazareth vs. Jesus of Neverland
Do Muslims revere the same Jesus that Christians do? Many of the supposed similarities between Islam and Christianity don’t hold up to examination. For example, the Jesus of the Koran is a Muslim who denies being the Son of God and who will abolish Christianity when he returns. The Muslim Jesus has news for Christians, but it’s not good news.
The Warrior Code vs. The DaVinci Code
Why a feminized and fatherless Western culture keeps submitting to Islam. Christian men should respond to the challenge of Islam by reemphasizing the masculine side of Christianity and by standing up to the “soft powers” that have enabled the spread of Islam – the dogmas of tolerance diversity and political correctness.

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