Vera Lord

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Vera Lord
Vera Lord

Travels from Tampa, Florida

In 1997, after 12 years as a successful college recruiter and public speaker, Vera Faith Lord left the world to become a different kind of public speaker --- showing the world the devastation of abortion and its after-effects.

Her speaking ministry, Alpha Omega Life, has grown rapidly, as more and more groups across the US, Canada, and other countries hear her dynamic message.

Here are just a few of the ministry’s highlights:

   * Keynote speaker at 8 State Conventions
* Featured workshop speaker at 10 National Conventions
* Keynote speaker at the National Memorial for the Pre Born in the United States Senate
* Featured speaker at Harvard University Symposium
* Featured speaker at Boston University, Boston College, Wellesley, MIT, Holy Cross, and (return) Harvard University
* Featured speaker at Johns Hopkins University
* Featured speaker at the annual West Coast March for Life, San Francisco Ca
* Keynote speaker at more than 80 Pro-Life fund-raising events across the US and Canada
* 4 articles have appeared in National publications, and a book is scheduled to be published soon

In her Own words: “I am truly blessed. God has entrusted me with a profoundly effective message. Through that message, He has changed hearts and minds and saved lives.

I have pledged the rest of my time here on Earth to looking behind that politically correct door they call choice and revealing abortions true face to the world!

No audience is too large or too small, and no place is too far to travel. I am about my father’s business and the world will know the truth.”
Speech Topics 
#1 -- "Through the Looking Glass -- the Land Beyond Abortion"
 This is the true, compelling story of Vera's experience with abortion & Post-Abortion Syndrome. The audience is taken on the whole journey, ending with hope & healing. This presentation can be altered to fit any audience. It is 35 minutes long -- 45 minutes- 1 hour if questions & answers are included). It can be shortened all the way down to 8 minutes if needed. This presentation has been very successfully used as a fund-raiser all over the USA & Canada.

#2 -- "The Cross-Over Issues, My Way to Win the War"
This presentation explores some of the major "cross-over" issues. Post-Abortion Syndrome, Partial-Birth Abortion, the Unborn Victims of Violence Act (Lacy & Connor's Law), the Born-Alive Infants' Act, Embryonic Stem Cell Research, & Parental Notification are explained. The audience is given simple, easy ways to talk about them, answer questions, & win over their frustrating, "middle of the road" friends. This presentation is also adjustable & suitable for all Christian Pro-Life venues.
#3 -- "What Can I Do ??
The most-asked question in the Pro-Life Movement is "What can I do ??" Vera outlines 5 main essential actions that any individual or group can do to further the Pro-Life cause. The audience is given lots of alternatives for each of the 5 areas, to fit anyone's level of interest, from basic reading to all-out activism, so there's truly "something for everyone".

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