Vanessa M Hamm

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Vanessa M Hamm
Vanessa M Hamm Catholic Speaker
Vanessa M Hamm Catholic Speaker
Vanessa M Hamm Catholic Speaker

Travels from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Catalyst, Fear Fighter, Motivator & Adventurer, Vanessa M Hamm is a passionate Speaker & Entrepreneur with a global mission to engage hearts & ignite God-given potential.  With gracefulness, enthusiasm & a great sense of adventure, her unique expertise has allowed her to impact lives worldwide at a young age. By her mid 20s she’d spent more than 10 years living & working alongside Governments, Non-Profits & Businesses in 6 countries, with an impressive record of accomplishments. Yet all wasn’t as perfect as it seemed. At just 25 she fell deep into Despair after having already survived Disease & Disaster. Vulnerable & real, her powerful story is one of hope as she shares how God intervened & continues to rebuild her once shattered heart.

Exceptionally gifted in human development, observation, creativity & communication, Vanessa is now focused on empowering others to become their best, true self through Seminars, Workshops & Coaching. Launching her business in 2015 was a way of bringing all her professional experience into alignment with a God-given call. Using her “6 Steps to IGNITE God-given potential” – an interactive experience she created, Vanessa guides people into their own stories, helps them get unstuck in life & teaches them how to grow deeper in love with God. One of only a few Highlands’ “Certified Aptitude Testing” Consultants in the US, she also finds joy helping Students, Adults, Leaders & Groups discover the blueprint of their God-given abilities through objective means.

Having lived in the US, England, Scotland, Italy, New Zealand & Australia, Vanessa has used her gifts alongside many initiatives, cultures & beliefs. Crafting programs for human development since she was a pre-teen, a snapshot of her roles include: Disaster Response Advisor, Business/Program Development Consultant, Organizational Change Management Lead, Workforce/Quality Coordinator & Client Experience Specialist. She has lent a hand alongside efforts including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, MercyCorps, RedCross, Sustainable Tourism International, International Missionary Foundation & Young Catholic Professionals. A former 2017 ACMP Global Conference Committee member, Vanessa is Prosci certified & has been featured on a Change Management Expert Panel at the 2016 PMI Symposium in Colorado.  

A self-proclaimed “Fear Fighter”, Vanessa speaks from a place of experience when confronted with the fears of our modern world. She believes in the Universal aspect of Catholicism as she has personally witnessed the hunger for truth in lives around the world as well as the consequences when that truth is removed:

To bring Christ into the world we must first bring Him into our hearts. That is where transformation can & will happen – first for ourselves, then for those around us. The solution for the world’s problems isn’t out there somewhere outside of ourselves. The solution is Christ, the way is love & the how is by accepting & offering Him the very potential He placed inside our hearts. For me, the question isn’t whether or not you have something remarkable to offer this world, the question is whether or not you will ignite your potential & live the life you were created for. That is the life the world needs & is the life that ultimately brings you the most fulfillment & happiness.” – Vanessa M Hamm

Speaking Topics:

How Love Saved My Life - Overcoming Disease, Disaster & Despair: Hear how God’s love & intervention dramatically changed the course of Vanessa’s life in her powerful, personal testimony. (75min, Ages 21+)

3 Healthy Habits for Success: This interactive session provides Students & Young Professionals the chance to experience 3 habits that allow faith & the “real world” to integrate in their daily lives.  (75min, HS & University Students, Young Professionals)

The MisAdventures of a Globe Trotter - Finding Meaning in Moments Around the World:Do you dream of traveling the world one day? Learn life lessons & find God in moments around the world Vanessa shares travel stories rich in culture & adventure! (60min, Ages 12-18)

“6 Steps to IGNITE” the God-given potential in you!: Engage with your heart & ignite your potential in this powerful IGNITE experience! Journey from introspection to action as you Identify your Starting Point, Get to Your Heart, Nourish Yourself, Image Your Future, Think About Today & EMBARK!   (90min Seminar -or- 1 Day Workshop, Ages 21+)

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