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Tom McQueen
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Travels from Palm Harbor, Florida

As a retired licensed marriage and family therapist and president of the American Family Foundation, four-time award-winning author Tom McQueen is an expert in family relationships. But what has taught him most about life, love and family is his role as a father and grandfather. When Dick Vitale at ESPN read "Letters to Ethan," he said, "This book is AWESOME, baby!" Coach Lou Holtz wrote the back cover copy, a letter especially for Ethan. Tom's keynotes and workshops receive rave reviews from clients around the country.

With his best-selling book, Letters to Ethan: A Grandfather’s Legacy of Life and Love (Seraphina Press, November 2010), Tom McQueen was awarded Excellence in Media’s 2010 “Angel Award,” of which previous winners include Tom Hanks, Diane Sawyer, Randy Travis and the acclaimed movie, "The Blind Side." Tom shares his wisdom through 33 letters he penned to his young grandson, Ethan, offering advice on topics ranging from faith to friendship to fun. Letters to Ethan was also the recipient of the Nautilus Book Award and the National Indie Excellence Award.

Never knowing his paternal grandparents due to their premature deaths, McQueen always wished they left something behind to explain their viewpoints on family and life in general. This childhood wish inspired him to write letters to his son and grandson, documenting the mistakes and miracles in his life.  

Tom's latest book, Reflections of a Hospice Chaplain: Life Lessons From The Death Journeys of Young and Old (Xulon Press, 2017) is being heralded by Catholic and Christian counselors nationwide as a landmark resource for practically applying the wisdom of the dying to the lives of the living. In the fall of 2019, Tom's publisher, Xulon Press, will release Tom's much anticipated book,  What I Learned When I Died: Life Lessons From Heaven. 
Born in Utica, N.Y., McQueen attended Notre Dame High School and received a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Philosophy and Theology. McQueen worked as a licensed marriage and family therapist for 25 years and currently is the founder of the non-profit American Family Foundation, Inc., serving the needs of homeless veterans, indigent children and families, and abused/neglected elderly.
As a result of his work with families and youth, McQueen was personally invited to the White House Conference on Youth by the President of the United States. The mayor of Pensacola, Fla., also asked McQueen to lead the city in creating a statement of core values after the city was decimated by abortion clinic bombings. 

Although Letters to Ethan marks McQueen’s debut as an author, he has written several business and self-help books such as Near-life Experiences: Discovering New Powers for Personal Growth, which encourages readers to take advantage of daily opportunities. McQueen’s articles have also been published in several national magazines, and he has been featured in the Orlando Sentinel, Pensacola News Journal and the Tampa Bay Times. Tom has also appeared on the Lifetime Television Network, the "This Is The Day" program on CatholicTV, and numerous radio and televions shows throughout the United States and Canada.

In 2016, Tom co-authored Common Sense Leadership and Common Sense Engagement with Maj. Gen. Karl R. Horst (US Army, RET), former Chief of Staff at US Central Command at MacDill AFB and current Presidnt and CEO of the Congressional Medal of Honor Society. General Horst also serves on the Board of the American Family Foundation, Inc.
Tom lives on Florida's west coast, is an avid Tampa Bay Lightning hockey fan, a proud member of St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church in New Port Richey, Florida and enjoys learning about anything that his grandson, Ethan, wants to teach him. 

His three most requested topics nationally are:

1. Faith, Family & Miracles

2. The Six Keys for Making Marriage Work

3. Teach Your Children Well: A 90-minute Program for Parents Designed to Give Them the Tools They Need to Help Their Kids Live Happy, Healthy, Productive Lives.

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