Tom Corcoran

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Tom Corcoran Catholic Speaker

Travels from Parkville, Maryland

Tom Corcoran is an award, winning and best-selling author. He has co-authored the books Rebuilt, Tools for Rebuilding, and Rebuilding Your Message. These books have combined sales of more than 100,000 copies. Many say Rebuilt has changed the conversation about parish mission and culture in the American Catholic Church.

Over the last few years, Tom has spoken to diocesan gatherings and conferences nationally and internationally
sharing his unique insights about renewing and rebuilding parishes. Among his speaking engagements, he has been
the Keynote speaker at Proclaim Conference in Sydney Australia, Alpha Ireland and at conferences for the
Archdioceses of Boston and Montreal.

Tom has worked at the Church of the Nativity for twenty one years. He has served in a variety of roles that have
given him a unique perspective on ministry and leaders. Beginning as a youth minister, Tom later held positions as
coordinator of children’s ministry and director of small groups. He currently serves in the position of associate to the
pastor and is responsible for weekend message development, strategic planning, fundraising and staff development.
Church of the Nativity has recently undertaken a major Church construction project due in large part to Tom’s
leadership and vision.

When he is not working Tom enjoys cooking, sports, and learning to play guitar. Tom has been married 20 years to
his wife Mia. Together, they are raising seven beautiful, crazy children in Parkville, Maryland.

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