Tina Elliott Boyd

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Tina Elliott Boyd Catholic Speaker

Travels from Haymarket (Northern VA), Virginia

One moment Tina was a wife, a mother of three young children, soccer mom, volunteer mom and then the next moment she was known as an accidental killer. Her life was filled with sorrow and shame for years. Tina hit a cyclist and took his life, today she shares the process she had to go through to move forward.  An accident rarely affects only one person, families on each side of a tragedy must work to understand how to restore your life and forgive. Faith and love must be a part of the healing for both sides, in order to move forward.

Years of journaling, teaching CCD class and reflecting helped Tina to develop the “front wheel” concept which embraces a highly visual, kinetic, and common image-- of a front wheel of a bicycle as a tool.  The concept helps you come to understand the spiritual journey to have a beautiful and joyful ride no matter what has happened in your life.  Building upon her life-changing personal event, she brings the details of riding a bike into conversation with the discipline of becoming more faithful on her ride by growing her relationship with God.  

Each of us, at some point in our lives, will have a knee bender. A life challenge event that has happened to you or a loved one. Try as we may to get through the difficult situation alone, God is the only one that can lead us toward the path of truth and strength once again.  Regardless of the depth of our faith, not allowing a devasting life event in our lives to define us is a challenging task.  Tina will take you through her personal knee bender and will show you how she turned a tragic experience into a meaningful life lesson. This concept will encourage you to move forward and to embrace life, regardless of the challenges you are facing.   Tina shares her deepest thoughts, pain, and spiritual healing to guide you through the blowouts, bumps and wrong turns along your ride.  The wheel concept is a practical guide to show you how to handle each step of your journey: whether it's a loss of a loved one, an addiction, a disruptive child, divorce, abortion, or fighting an illness, many life challenges come with shame, humility, forgiveness, acceptance, choice, courage and finally gratitude.  The "front wheel" concept with God as the hub of the wheel will help you understand your life challenge. The rim of the wheel will help you to understand God's everlasting love and promise of eternal life.  Tina will help you understand how to use this concept in any situation and the concept will guide you to have the beautiful ride God intends for you.  

Tina shared, “Life challenges come and we often don’t know where to turn, I was fortunate that I had my faith.  I believe when struggles come on our ride in life, prayer becomes an idea to everyone.  We entertain the thought of opening up our heart to God and when we do open up, the realities of miracles appear to us in the form forgiveness and healing, leading us back to a beautiful and joyous life on our ride.

Speaking Topics:

  • How to move forward with any life challenge
  • Where is the Love on the ride of your life?
  • The Ride of Your Life  series
  • Any of the topics below can be a single topic

The Series

Lesson 1.  Over view of the program and introductions

Lesson 2.  Beliefs ~ understanding your belief system and how to revamp it using God’s words through Good News

Lesson 3.  Signs~ what is the significant of what you are going through and how to understand it! “Why Me?”

Lesson  4. Acceptance ~ acceptance of yourself and what you are facing!  Life Challenges that we all have to accept.

Lesson  5.  Choice ~ how are we going to live with this and continue to have a beautiful ride of our lives.

Lesson  6.  Forgiveness ~ learning to forgive yourself and others

Lesson 7.  Gratitude ~ being thankful even for the most difficult times

Lesson 8.  Teacher ~how can you be teachable, how you can now help others and be a teacher!

Lesson 9.  Soul and Faith ~ digging deep into your soul and faith to continue to move you forward on your beautiful ride.

Lesson 10.  Moving forward and closing work.

Who am I:  "A God marketer; when given the chance I love to have conversations about our loving God.  A wife to my college sweet heart and the love of my life for over 32 years, Lance.  A mother to three children that I am blessed to be called their mother, I love them dearly,  Andrew, Brigette and Olivia.  I love all genres of music it reaches my soul and mostly when I am free dancing!  I feel the closeness of the Lord in all places, but truly appreciates His magnificence most while watching the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico."


"Tina is truly a gift from God! She has the unique ability to bond and connect with others from the minute she meets them.  Her warm heart, fun-loving nature and desire to always let God's light shine radiates in all that she does.  Tina's talk touched and inspired the entire room!" - Jen P., St. Isidore, Danville CA 

"Tina was such an inspiration to our group.  Her enthusiasm and love for God is so energizing.  She has a remarkable story to share that offers all women a sense of hope in God and love in Christ Jesus.  I can't wait to read her book cover to cover and learn more about the wheel strategy for surviving suffering." - Amy B., St. Joseph Parish, Cockeysville, MD 

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