Timothy R. Smith

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Timothy R. Smith

Travels from Waterford, Michigan

Timothy R. Smith has a passion to help parishes and organizations respond to the Church’s Apostolic call to evangelization.  Utilizing an approach that involves whole community catechesis, Tim’s ministry has taken him across the United States, conducting parish missions, music ministry workshops, men’s retreats, and concerts that engage, educate and inspire.

Tim has over 100 musical compositions published by OCP. His songs combine traditional and contemporary musical idioms that are easily accessible to both listeners and worshiping assemblies. Some of Tim's well-known liturgical compositions include: Voice Of Christ, Give Me Ears To Listen, O Mother Of Jesus, and In Every Age.

Smith has performed extensively with his band TR Smith & The Sacred Music Boys, combining rock, blues, pop, and classical idioms. This work has culminated in the 2006 release of his fourth CD with OCP Publications, Persuaded, a riveting, heart felt song cycle that springs out of both his musical and faith experience. Persuaded is a story about our common journey of commitment to God; from fear to faith, from doubt to trust, from pride to surrender... The story resonates with what we share in burdens and our blessings.

Smith has a Bachelor of Music degree from Michigan State University and Master of Music degree from Oakland University in Rochester Hills, Michigan, where he received the Distinguished Musicianship Award. He and his wife, Kim, live in Waterford, Michigan, and their three children are almost all grown up.

Parish Mission
Three nights of songs, stories, humor, prayer, meditation, discussion and catechesis focusing on the Eucharistic Liturgy, which is the source and summit of our faith and worship. This is particularly relevant as we continue to learn about the new Roman Missal.

Tim’s well known song, Give Me Ears To Listen, the story of the two disciples’ journey on the road to Emmaus provides a template for the three nights:

Night 1: Give Me Ears To Listen - Liturgy Of The Word - Didn’t our hearts burn when he spoke? 
Music infused, interactive reflection on Henri Nouwen’s With Burning Hearts, an account of the two disciples' encounter with Jesus on the road to Emmaus. “Suddenly there are no longer two, but three people walking, and everything becomes different...” God’s presence in the Word transforms us and makes our hearts burn.

Night 2: Give Me Eyes To See - Liturgy Of The Eucharist - In the breaking of the bread, we knew him
A moving catechesis of the Eucharistic Liturgy parallels the disciples’ gradual awakening to Christ's presence. Contemplation of the Eucharist as both the basis of our formation and the mandate of evangelization sets the stage for the final night…

Night 3: Give Me Words To Speak - Go Forth - At that moment they ran off to tell the others…
“Evangelizing all peoples constitutes the essential mission of the Church…it is in fact the grace and vocation proper to the Church, her deepest identity.” (Pope Paul VI) How do we as a parish go forth and proclaim the Gospel of Christ? Prayer and witness embody a musical exploration of the grace and challenges we experience as Church, as evangelizers and disciples of Christ. How is our life transformed each day by God’s Word, the Eucharist and the mandate, to go forth and spread the Good News by what we say and what we do?

Night 4 (Optional)
Options for a fourth night could be Liturgy, Penance Service, Concert or launch of parish faith sharing program.

(Tim can also do afternoon mini-sessions for senior citizens who may not want to go out at night.)

Concert/Faith Event: Persuaded
Persuaded is a riveting, heart felt journey of conversion. From fear to faith, from doubt to trust, from pride to surrender, a night that resonates with what we share in our burdens and our blessings. Humor, stories, singing and prayer are a means to entering into a deeper faith-life encounter. Tim specializes in full-parish inter-generational gatherings. A concert can also be geared toward a particular focus, such as Advent, Lent, Year Of Faith. Tim will work with you and deliver that message in a way that engages your whole community.

Workshop: Music Ministry = Technique + Formation
Live rehearsal survey of music covering areas such as vocal production, choral tone, instrumental ensemble technique, etc. This event is fused with a discussion about our identity as music ministers fostering full and active participation of the worshiping assembly. How do we pursue musical excellence with humility and heart of a servant? These sessions are always customized to address the director's specific needs regarding the ensemble, whether it is a traditional choir, contemporary ensemble, youth ensemble, etc.

Men's Event: What’s My Line?
What does it mean to be a Catholic man in this 21st century? Customized to the focus of the group, fused with music, stories, humor, discussion, and prayer, we examine our roles as leader, servant, father, brother son, husband, and friend. How do we reconcile these identities and embrace our mission as Disciples of Christ?

Cantor Master Class
Open class, hands-on individual instruction clinic with cantors singing prepared psalms.

Lector Master Class
Open class, hands-on individual clinic with lectors.  Proclaiming the Word from a musical perspective.

What they're saying...

Tim’s self-revelatory mixture of song, story, reflection, group participation, and testimony, wove itself into a meaningful experience that left participants with things to think about, and words to live by.
Peggy Casing, DRE. Parish Mission St. Mary Of The Hills, Rochester Hills, MI

I just wanted to tell you how satisfied we were with our parish mission at the beginning of Lent. Through prayer, story telling and song you expertly wove in the themes of conversion, Eucharist and evangelization as you encouraged us to keep our eyes and ears open for what the Spirit was going to make happen.
Fr. Stan Ulman, Pastor. Parish Mission St. Mary Of The Hills, Rochester Hills, MI

All three presentations given by Tim featured music designed to engage everyone’s participation (adults, young adults, teens, and children), reflection time with fellow participants, prayer, and hospitality. It was a delight to work with Tim, his professionalism as well as personal warmth made what seemed to be an enormous task at the beginning a fun and joyful endeavor.
Jeanne Martin, DRE. Parish Mission at St. William Parish, Walled Lake, MI

”Thoughtful, entertaining and inspirational but too too short!  I would love to have a part 2 someday.
” Music Ministry Workshop at St. Michael Church, Garden City

 “Actually I did not sign up for the workshop, but on the second day I came in to join and am I ever glad I did.  It was God's blessing indeed. Thank you.
Music Ministry Workshop at St. Michael Church, Garden City

“Tim uses music and storytelling to promote evangelization.  Thank you so much for coming and sharing yourself with us and you truly touched my life.” 

Parish Mission at St. Joseph Parish, Spokane

“...profoundly moving in presenting the connection between the Gospel and real life.
Parish Mission at St. Joseph Parish, Spokane

“I knew I needed to call my daughter tomorrow...
Parish Mission at St. Joseph Parish, Spokane“

It was awesome!” 
Concert at Holy Cross Catholic Church, Timber Lake, SD

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