Tim Glemkowski

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Tim Glemkowski Catholic Speaker

Travels from Denver, Colorado

Tim Glemkowski is an international speaker and the president and founder of L'Alto Catholic Institute, a not-for-profit apostolate dedicated to helping parishes become more effective at forming disciples. Tim has over 10 years of professional experience serving the Church in a variety of capacities and has coached dozens of parishes and dioceses on how to build a culture of discipleship while also delivering hundreds of presentations across the U.S. and internationally.

He double-majored in theology and philosophy at Franciscan University of Steubenville and has his Master's in Theology from the Augustine Institute in Denver, CO. A native of Chicago, he loves Notre Dame football and hiking in the mountains with his wife Magdalene and two young children. Tim Glemkowski has worked full-time in several different fields in evangelization: as a high school theology teacher, director of evangelization and catechesis, and, more recently, as a youth minister. Tim has significant experience in leading retreats for both youth and adults and has been speaking nation-wide at retreats, conferences, rallies, and more for over ten years.

 Tim's talks include: (NOTE: I can also craft a talk or keynote specifically for your event.)

 1) Parish Mission: My parish mission is aimed at energizing Catholics to live the fullness of the adventure that is the Christian life by diving deep into their spiritual lives. I have one, two, and three night options but the sample of my three night mission is below. 

Night 1: The Greatest Story Ever Told: a creative proclamation of the kergyma intertwined with the story of salvation history focusing on the human quest to find meaning.

Night 2: The Hardest Decision: This talk, preferably paired with opportunities for confession, focuses on the call to give our lives to Jesus and the obstacles in our way.

Night 3: The Art of Living: Based on Pope Benedict's conviction that the new evangelization is to "teach the art of living," this talk shows how the life of discipleship laid out by Christ and undertaken through a deep and profound spiritual life is the path to true happiness and fulfillment in this life and the next.

 2) Young Adult Talks:

a. Seven Common Mistakes You Can Make in Discerning Your Vocation: based on the lessons I learned in my own vocational discernment journey, this talk takes the listener through a set of both humorous and thought-provoking points on vocational discernment.

b. Fully Alive: How to Not Waste Your 20s and 30s: this talk goes through the call to make the most of the period of young adulthood and its specific blessings and challenges. 

 3) High School Youth Talks: I'm experienced leading and giving talks on retreats and at conferences for high school youth groups and confirmation classes. I work hard with each event organizer before the event to craft talks uniquely suited to your event.

 4) Miscellaneous Topics: 

- Evangelization and the Lay Vocation to Be "Salt of the Earth": challenging the laity to take up our baptismal calling

- How to Talk to Your Atheist Friends: tips for engaging with the new atheists

- What the Last 500 Years Can Tell Us about Today: on the philosophical underpinnings of our current cultural crisis

- Genesis 1-3: Unpacking the Most Misunderstood Chapters of the Bible

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