Thomas Rose

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Tom Rose Catholic Speaker

Travels from Goshen, Indiana

After the death of his wife from breast cancer in August of 2019, encouraged by a friend, Tom wrote a book, Balloon in a Box, Coping with Grief. As he says, “with that little book I caught lightening in a bottle, because I suddenly became an author and a speaker”. Tom has made over 80 speaking appearances at churches, service clubs, retirement communities and even prisons. He also feels the experience has brought him closer to his faith, has resulted in significant life changes and how he is being called to help others through their grief journey. It has become his ministry....his quest. As he says, “I now know what HE wants me to do”.

Author: Balloon in a Box, Coping with Grief

Grief over the death of a spouse, child or loved one leaves you broken and wounded. Your heart aches and you experience a wide variety of emotions This book is about how to handle these emotions. Follow Tom through his journey of grief as he and others share their memories, good and bad. Their experiences will help you cope with your grief. Learn how to control the “balloon in your box” and move forward in life with your loved one not without them. With his son, who travels with him doing his introduction, Just updated the book “Balloon in a Box two” which contains their experience from talking with people at the speaking engagements. 

Cooking Together:

For 13 years, Tom and his wife hosted a cooking segment on a regional Fox TV station morning show. “Cooking Together with Tom and Joyce.” They also published two cookbooks “Cooking Together Chinese Style” and “Cooking Together Quick and Easy.” After her death, with the assistance of his son, he completed the third cookbook, “Cooking Together Revisited,” dedicated to his wife with the proceeds going to the families breast cancer projects. With his son and granddaughter produce a YouTube cooking show, Cooking Together Generations.

Continuing to Move Forward:

“At 82 years old I am not sure how much more time I have, only He knows, but until my time comes I will continue to move forward. I do not want to face my maker saying I wasted the time he gave me.” So he is continuing his quest with speaking engagements and wants to continue to write. He recently released his first novel “The Secret is in the Pasta” a murder mystery and is working on other books like “Balloon in a Box” including the subjects of Love and Beliefs.

Speaking Topics:

Coping with Grief: Tom takes you on his journey of grief or as he refers to it his “journey of love” and how by using your balloon in a box you can move forward with your loved one not without them. As he says, “no one can fix grief, every griever must take the journey, but maybe I can make the journey a little smoother, a few less bumps and potholes.”

Life Continues...Embrace the Change: As we move through the journey of life things happen which create change. We must learn to embrace these changes because they offer us opportunities. Opportunities to grow. Yes, as we get older, we experience many changes. Some small and some large, some are good and some bad but they all offer us an opportunity to grow in spirit and self-awareness.

Changes occur like becoming an “empty nester”, retirement, a physical disability or the loss of a loved one. If we understand and take advantage of the opportunities, we can continue a full life of purpose and accomplishment with happiness and peace.. Tom and his son, Brock, present a discussion of life journeys and how to cope with them.

Note: Life Continues....Embrace the Change is available as a church or community fundraiser. Tom and Brock will provide you with all the graphics and instructions on how to do the project. They will actually join your planning group in person or by “zoom” to help you organize the event and will provide the keynote address.

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