The Vigil Project

The Vigil Project Catholic Speakers Catholic Musicians
The Vigil Project Catholic Speakers Catholic Musicians

Travels from Covington, Louisiana

The Vigil Project is a community of artists, musicians, and filmmakers that produce multimedia resource for deep prayer and authentic encounter with God. We have a heart for praying and worshiping with communties, especially during the sacred seasons of the liturigal year: Lent and Easter & Advent and Christmas. 

We offer live events that inspire authentic encounter with God and sustain the spiritual growth of a parish, diocese, or community. Through music, speaking, video, and prayer, we strive to deliver programs that are of excellent quality worthy of the Gospel message and worth your community’s time. Bring us to your community in 2018.

We would love to come and pray with your community. An evening with The Vigil Project includes:

-Dynamic worship

-Keynote talk/testimony

-Resources for your community to continue growing together beyond the event with The Vigil Project

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