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The Thirsting Catholic Band music
The Thirsting Catholic Band
The Thirsting Catholic

Travels from Portland, Oregon

The Thirsting is the quintessential Catholic rock band of the New Evangelization.

The mission of The Thirsting is to promote the Rosary, the Eucharist, and the Catholic Church through music.

Question: What makes The Thirsting different from other Catholic musicians and bands?

Answer: The band and their mission rocks!!!

See what these guys say about The Thirsting...

"The Thirsting rocks and they are true to the Catholic faith" Jason Evert - Chastity Project

"The music of The Thirsting is an excellent way to reach the youth...  and your own kids," Christopher Stefanick - Real Life Catholic

"The Thirsting sets my heart ablaze burning bright for Jesus and my Catholic Faith. They are in my book... A HOME RUN!!!" - Mike Sweeney - 5 Time MLB All Star, KC Royals HOF

"I love the stuff the Thirsting is doing... This is really powerful stuff."  Jerry Usher -  EWTN Radio: Take 2 with Jerry and Debbie

"The Thirsting is an excellent example of one way to actualize The New Evangelization.Bishop Nickless - Diocese of Sioux City, Iowa

"Their message is powerful and completely faithful to the Church"  Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers

"The Thirsting is the pearl of great price within the field of Catholic contemporary music." Karlo Broussard - Catholic Answers Apologist and Speaker

The Thirsting is recognized by the National Youth Federation. They played mainstage for NCCYM in San Antonio in December 2014 and played Indianapolis NCYC 2015 for 5000+ youth and have played for multiple diocesan youth conferences events and Church across the nation (Seattle, San Diego, Fresno, Sacramento, Omaha, Madison, Salt Lake City, New Ulm, Spokane, Yakima, Knoxville, Marquette...).

Lastly, this past summer his band, The Thirsting played on the main stage where Pope Frances was in Blonia Park for World Youth Day 2016.

The Thirsting was formed by lead singer Daniel Oberreuter in 2006.  After years of praying and discerning God’s will, lead singer Daniel Oberreuter founded the band in order to engage the culture with Catholicism through music.  Since its founding, the band has toured across the nation numerous times playing hundreds of concerts, festivals, and events.

The mission of The Thirsting has always been the same since the beginning - to inspire catholics to love and follow Jesus Christ, through the Eucharist, Mary and the rosary, and to encourage catholics to live, love, and follow all of the teachings of the catholic church. The Thirsting has touched thousands of souls across the nation and plans to keep on doing so.

The Thirsting is most known for their live performances full of passion, energy and excitement that all ages love (especially the youth).  A Thirsting concert is a rally to engage the masses to stand up for their Catholic faith and proclaim it boldly.  Their message is clear: love the Catholic faith and live the Catholic faith.

The band has put out three self-produced albums (Companions of the Lamb - 2008), (Universal Youth - 2011) and (Come Hold my Son 2013).

Currently, the band is promoting the bold album Universal Youth.  The album blasts off with the theme song Universal Youth which has been described as “a call” to all catholics to live their lives truly for Jesus in the catholic church (see music video below).

Here is what people are saying about The Thirsting:

"I love the stuff The Thirsting is doing. I was especially blessed by the video where they share how to pray the Rosary. This is really powerful stuff." - Jerry Usher

"I found the music of The Thirsting to be rich with references to Scripture, devotion to the Virgin Mary, basic doctrine, and spirituality. I was impressed with the band's own prayer together just before the concert--upon completing their set up. They engaged people of all ages who attended the concert; what a wonderful gift to have a Catholic Christian witness from a rock band that the entire (extended) family can enjoy. Daniel Oberreuter's witness in his solo songs at Mass and his sharing about the rosary were retreat-worthy reflections. This is an excellent example of one way to actualize The New Evangelization. May God richly bless their music ministry!" - Bishop Nickless, Diocese of Sioux City

"The Thirsting is the pearl of great price within the field of Catholic
contemporary music.  When it comes to combining solid Catholic theology
with a contemporary rock genre, The Thirsting comes out on top!" -Karlo Broussard, Catholic Apologist & Speaker, featured on Catholic Answers Live

"The Thirsting has a great ability to entertain the Youth with their Rock
Star talent while at the same time bringing them closer to Christ by
injecting Catholic Spirituality in their music and stories." -Colin Nykaza, Director of Young Adult Outreach for the Archdiocese of New York
"My 7 year old son was with me at your concert tonight and is so excited by your music. He is playing your cd (way past his bedtime) right now. I showed him the video for Stepping into the Day and he asked what the man was doing when he entered the church and I said 'going to confession' and he said, 'Oh! Pushing the reset button!" Awesome!"    Amanda H.
"Thank you for your inspiring performance at Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School in Grand Rapids on Friday! As a staff member, I was so moved that I went to Adoration directly after the concert. You moved me to tears many times!"   Lori J.
"Wow, we had a great time at the Dan Oberreuter concert in Highland Michigan at Church of the Holy Spirit last night. If you ever have a chance to see him next time "The Thirsting" is in town, it's a can't miss opportunity."   Alan P.
"Thank you Daniel for sharing your amazing gifts with the Catholic Women's Conference yesterday. "Come Hold My Son" moved me to tears. I'm blessed to have found some wonderful music that can deepen my faith. Thanks again." Kelli M.
"So excited to see Daniel Oberreuter with his guitar tonight at Our Lady of Mercy! Thank you for music I can actually let my kids listen to. God Bless." Laura L.

Earlier this year, my husband, son and I went to a free concert in Angleton, Tx. And since that day my 14 year old has been saying the rosary at night. We're a strong Catholic family but we only ever made the effort during lent. Well, after catching him saying the rosary several times, I started to join whenever I caught him. Then our 8 year old started joining and so on and so forth until even the 4 year old was joining. Now, we say the rosary as a family every night. I had downloaded an app after the concert for my use and thought it might be that it appeared on my son's phone. But last night as I thanked my son for bringing us closer and leading us to the rosary on a daily basis, I asked him what had prompted him. And without pause, he said you. Mary has used your voice to soothe the spirit, but she has used you to inspire the son of a deacon in a way that even his father had not been able to do. GOD Bless you and your music!!!!!! Thank you. - Christina

I really enjoyed your music Saturday night in Vincennes. We bought all the cds. We've been enjoying the music ever since. I also think you were a very good inspiration for my son who will be playing bass for his first Mass at our parish this weekend. Thank you again and God Bess your ministry of music! - Chris and Marie Spurgeon

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