Sr. Helena Burns, FSP

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Sr. Helena Burns, FSP
Sr. Helena Burns Catholic Speaker
Sr. Helena Burns Catholic Speaker

Travels from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Sr. Helena Burns, FSP, is a member of the Daughters of St. Paul, an international congregation of Women Religious founded to live and communicate Christ in and through the media culture. She gives Media Literacy and Theology of the Body workshops to youth and adults all over Canada and the U.S., and believes that media can be a primary tool for sharing God's love and salvation. She is a dual--not duel--citizen: an AmeriCanadian.

Sr. Helena has an M.A. in Media Literacy Education, a B.A. in theology and philosophy from St. John's University, NYC, studied screenwriting at UCLA and Act One, Hollywood and holds a Certificate in Pastoral Youth Ministry. Sr. Helena also attended the Theology of the Body Institute in Pennsylvania. She is a movie reviewer for Life Teen & The Catholic Channel at Sirius XM. She wrote and directed a documentary on the life of Blessed James Alberione, Media Apostle: The Father James Alberione Story, and is a co-producer on The 40 Film. She has written a Theology of the Body curriculum, What Does It Mean to Be Human: An Introduction to Theology of the Body, and her daily reflection book for young women, He Speaks to You. She is also a regional vocation director for the Daughters of St Paul.


Media Is a Faith Thing

What does it mean to live in a media culture? What are the promises and challenges

of today’s media content and technologies? What is the Church’s official position regarding media? Learn the basics of media literacy and how they can help discern and enhance all your media experiences. 

"Media is a Family Thing” (for parenting or family/intergenerational catechesis)

How can you be a "media smart" family? Learn the basics of media literacy and how they can help you 
effectively communicate about media and choose to use it well with your kids, teens, and as a family.

R U A Digital Catholic?

The digital revolution, ever-present media devices and social media present new problems, but also new opportunities!
How can we and our youth respond to these challenges?

Introduction to Theology of the Body and Media

Join the revolution! What does it mean to be a body--not have a body?  Learn how beauty is hiding in plain sight in images of the human body in art and media. Theology of the Body #60-63. John Paul II gives us profound guidance for how to approach depictions of the human body.
What's the difference between fine art nudes and porn? 

Finding True Love in the Media

What is true love? Can it be found in the media? We’ll use Pope John Paul II’s revolutionary
 “Theology of the Body” and God’s 5 F’s of True Love as our guides. (Media clips are used.)

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