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Travels from Decatur, Indiana

Kyle Heimann is a horrible baseball player, a mediocre dancer, and was runner-up to be his college mascot. He is addicted to creating new things, whether it be music, graphic design, micro books, or children.  Justin was born on a Wednesday. His eyes were blue (still are), but focused. Now grown up, in the loosest sense of the word, he has become a professional air guitarist, and usually has a beard. 

While sometimes he dresses up as Batman, he will always eat Chinese food if available.
Through fate, divine inspiration, chance, coincidence, or neither, Justin and Kyle met, and the Electronic-Dance-Pop-Comedy-Hip-Hop ensemble called, “Spork,” was born.
You may be wondering, who is the fork and who is the spoon? One may never know.
You may now be wondering, why did the person who wrote this automatically assume what I was wondering? If that is the case, we are sorry. Perhaps you were merely wandering.
• Sketch comedy
• Inspirational talks
• Funny bits to make you chuckle
• and Comedic music that will make you dance until your quads are sore

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