Robert Bartlett

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Robert Bartlett Catholic Speaker
Robert Bartlett Catholic Speaker
Robert Bartlett Catholic Speaker

Travels from Gainesville, Virginia

God was always reaching into Roberts life but he wasn't listening. After joining the Army at 30yrs old and the Iraq war started, his life would change forever. He would be blown up and die three times, only to be sent back to finish his work for God. While he was dead he would see the Blood of Christ and go to the gate of hell, only to return to tell you his story. His story is one of a Sinner, a Soldier, a Sniper, a Son, a child of God. The story is of miracles, God's Mercy, conversion and apologetics.

Robert Bartlett always considered himself a Catholic. He was baptised into the faith around 8 years old and he never stepped into the Catholic church for services with his family growing up, but he saw himself that way, a cafeteria Catholic. Later in life, that would cause him to go to the gate of hell and he would receive a Purple Heart medal from war wounds while in the Army and Purple Heart of Christ from Jesus! He was raised to be kind and not lie but no real foundation was set. His Father was mormon and mother a fallen away Catholic, so they raised the kids with no faith at all. His parents figured they would choose a faith when they were old enough, so when of age, they choose nothing.

God was always working on Robert and reaching out to him throughout his life. Sometimes it was a warning, a sign, or just a gentle thought like a spring  breeze cooling your soul. He would get a message from God that his Grandmother was going to die, and a later message he would die at the age of 32. Something was bothering him so bad one night, he was restless and had to get up and so he did and he went fishing. It would turn out his fiance was pregnant and she would abort his kid behind his back and 9/11 terrorist event happened around the same time. Robert would join the Army and become a Cavalry Scout Sniper and deploy to Iraq in 2005. Now that he was 31 the message was getting clearer he was going to die at 31-32yrs of age. On May 3 2005 Robert was hit by an Iranian bomb while serving in Iraq, 22 days from his 32nd birthday. God called him home to give him a new heart, a heart for Christ! His truck commander would die and two others in his HUMVEE would be severly injured. He would become a Soldier for Christ!

Hear this story of a soldier dying and hearing the spirit of his friend talk to him after he died in the explosion with him while in Heaven, and all the miracles that followed. He says dying three times, the loss of and eye, 4 years of surgeries to rebuild his face and all the recovery was worth it. The third degree burns to his face and hands and loss of lips and an eyelid is a cross he loves to carry and share. So hear his story it saved his soul and he prays it will save yours! God took a man who lost his eye and made him a pilot and a man who lost his lips and made him a speaker. Now what can God make out of  you?

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