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Travels from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Sean Casey, 12-year Major League Baseball first baseman, MLB Network Broadcaster and Analyst since 2009, host of The Mayor's Office podcast, NY Yankees Hitting Coach (2023), philanthropist, keynote speaker, mental performance and breakthrough coach. Nicknamed “The Mayor” by his fellow players for his outgoing personality, and named the Friendliest Player In Baseball by 600 fellow MLB players in a 2007 Sports Illustrated poll. Sean’s nice and friendly personality was contrasted by being a fierce competitor. Sean built his career on his ability to take high leverage and high stress situations, and channeling them into huge successes.
Sean is one of the greatest storytellers in sports, infusing laughter and high energy into targeted inspiration and motivation to give you the most powerful keynote you’ll ever experience.
For the last 16 years Sean has been a motivational keynote speaker, transforming events from ordinary to extraordinary, leaving a lasting impression on audiences, and helping organizations achieve their goals.  Sean’s Mental performance tools will give your audience exactly what they need to take immediate and impactful action, allowing everyone to thrive and bring a level of excitement to every obstacle. 
MLB CAREER - In 1995, Sean was the 2nd-round-pick for the Cleveland Indians and was called up to play for them in 1997. Sean went on to play for the Cincinnati Reds (1998-2005) where he became one of the most beloved players in franchise history and was inducted into the Red’s Hall of Fame in 2012. In 2006, he played for the Pittsburgh Pirates and was traded to the the Detroit Tigers (2006-07) where he hit .529 with 2 home runs in the World Series.  The three-time All-Star proudly retired with the Boston Red Sox in 2008 and joined the Lifetime 300 Hitter Club with a career batting average of .302 and .410 in the postseason.  In Sean’s career, he hit  130 home runs, 735 RBI with an 814 OPS, finished in the top 10 in National League batting average three times and had six seasons in which he hit above .300.
Sean will personalize his keynote for your specific needs and objectives. Sean can also align his speech to position himself as a genuine advocate for your brand, sharing personal anecdotes and experiences that resonate with with your audience. 
Traditional Keynote: 50 minute speech, including storytelling, anecdotes, and insights.
Panel Discussion: Moderate or participate in a panel discussion with other experts or thought leaders
Fireside Chat: A casual format, often conducted in an interview-style setting with Q&A
Workshop or Seminar:  An interactive mental performance workshop or seminar focused on specific skills, strategies, or topics
Virtual Presentation: Delivered remotely using video conferencing or pre-recorded video
Event Emcee: Sean infuses his unique personality, injecting humor, warmth, storytelling, and enthusiasm into interactions with the audience while skillfully weaving together seamless transitions
Whether you're looking for a message of inspiration, leadership, teamwork, or resilience, he can deliver a speech that resonates with your audience and leaves a lasting impression. Attendees will feel empowered and ready to create meaningful change with what they’ve learned. 
Sean Casey's recent appearances across a diverse array of media outlets, including television shows, podcasts, radio programs, and press coverage, highlight his versatility, expertise, and enduring appeal as a beloved figure in the world of baseball and sports media. Whether he's providing expert analysis on national television, engaging with fans on social media, sharing inspiring stories on podcasts, or inspiring others with his journey, Sean continues to captivate audiences with his infectious enthusiasm, insighs, and genuine passion for life.

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