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ryan foley

Travels from Cumming, Georgia

Ryan Foley is the V.P. of Business Development for Covenant Eyes. Since serving in the U.S. Air Force, Ryan has continually worked in the technology field with a specific focus on security. Ryan joined Covenant Eyes in 2012 and is now applying his passion for security in support of families, working to protect them from Internet pornography.

Ryan Foley is vice president of business development for Covenant Eyes, a company offering filtering and accountability software. A member of Legatus, Ryan has been active for the last decade in many apostolic works. In 2006 he became the executive director of Mission Network, an umbrella organization for numerous virtue based programs. Later he started his own company, Faith Interactive, to teach and provide parishes and nonprofit organizations with online tools that could help them communicate more effectively with their members. Ryan also helped with the development and administration of ePriest, a resource for catholic clergy of which he remains the executive director.

Among others Ryan is committed to helping families in their efforts to raise children in a pornified culture. In addition to his efforts at Covenant Eyes, Ryan also supports the efforts of the Integrity Restored Network (IRN). The IRN is a nonprofit professional and educational organization that is dedicated to educating Catholics on the dangers of pornography, training catholic religious and laypeople to help those struggling with pornography use/addition, and creating a network of IRN therapist and clinics across the United States.

For the last year Ryan has been working steadily to educate Catholic families. Ryan speaks regularly and provides Internet safety workshops at schools, parishes, and to other faith-based organizations.

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