Rose Sweet

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Rose Sweet Catholic Speaker

Travels from Palm Desert, California

Rose is a passionate, courageous, and humorous author of 12 books and has inspired Catholics for 25 years on how to "Put Your Religion in Your Relationships!" No matter the topic, all of her talks take the audience on an adventure into the interior life.

Rose is a frequent guest on Catholic radio, TV, and has been a presenter at the World Meeting of Families, Theology of the Body Congress, USCCB Convocation, and more.


Rose Sweet’s work is a good example of the opportunities that Catholics, and all people of good will, should take advantage of. It is necessary not only for their own flourishing, but for that of our nation as a whole. I hope this (weekend retreat) will be a great success. It is certainly needed!” - Archbishop Salvatore Codileone

Rose has allowed the Theology of the Body to penetrate and shine in every area of her life; she knows what it is to get to the “cor” of matters and her heart shines in all her work. If you want a speaker who will lift the veil of cultural confusion and reveal the tender heart of God to you, who will offer tasty morsels of truth and the choice, rich wine of the Gospel, call Rose Sweet. You won’t be disappointed!” - Christopher West

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