Ron Ward

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Ron Ward Catholic Speaker

Travels from Walled Lake, Michigan, Michigan

A highly enthusiastic  and entertaining Professional Speaker with over 40 years of broad and in-depth experience in practical and to easy use techniques on "HOW TO EVANGELIZE YOUR CHILDREN AND GRAND CHILDREN"AND "HOW TO SHARE THE GOSPEL THROUGH YOUR INSPIRED DISCIPLESHIP PARENTING, GRAND PARENTING AND FAMILY LIFE".  A published author of a book entitled “How You Can Find God in Your Rearview Mirror” where he explains the process of “How To Discover and Tell Your Story On Easy Common sensical ways to evangelize others and REAL WAYS of experiencing God's presence on your faith journey.”

Ron was born in Oklahoma and has been a practicing Catholic since birth. He had a Catholic education for 12 years in Oklahoma and Louisiana and then graduated with a Mathematics Degree from Central State University in Edmond Oklahoma followed by Post-Graduate work at the University of Michigan in Strategic Growth Planning. He has 22 years as a Corporate Executive in the Automotive Industry as well as 34 years as a Self-Employed Career Coach and Business Growth Specialist showing companies how to grow. A spirit filled dedication to "Evangelization Through Discipleship" from his early Catholic education and involvement with over 40 years of initiating, organizing initiatives and facilitation of over 500 Small Group meetings in Oklahoma and Michigan. Ron is a member of the Archdiocese of Detroit Synod 1969 and their most recent Synod 2016. He also developed the First Evangelization initiative for the Archdiocese of Detroit in 1995 which was published in Michigan Catholic bi-weekly newspaper on September 6, 1996.

An active writer and participant in Archdiocese and Parish initiatives to promote spirit filled implementation of strategies for getting my audiences in touch with God. A unique ability for organizing, facilitating and identifying effective personal prayer and out-reach service opportunities. A large platform of influence in the Archdiocese of Detroit. Excellent presentation and communication skills that result in first hand and immediate audience connection and reaction. A friendly and out-going presenter with a southern humor and easy going yet effective demeanor.  Expertise includes: All Elements of "How to evangelize your children ;  All Aspects of Common Sensical Evangelization and Faith Formation. ;  Electronic Presentation

Civic Activities:

A 35 year member of the Rotary Club of Novi.

Recognized with the Outstanding Service Award in 2001.

Awarded Rotarian of the Year in 2002 & 2011.

Awarded the Distinguished Service Award by the City of Novi in 1991 for entertaining at Senior Living Facilities for 11 years. 

Keynote Speaking Engagements:

Keynote Speaking experience 38 Years

North Am. Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Conference in Toronto 800 attendees

Title: "Customer Service as the Key Strategy for Growth" Synopsis: Presented market research results of some 15,000 customers.

Various Churches, Civic Centers and Libraries in Mich. Over 500 Attendees

Title: "The 7 Secrets of a Highly Effective Job Search." Synopsis: Key Elements of How to achieve a successful Job Search

Archdiocese of Detroit 60 Parishes in Attendance     

Talk Titles:

"New Evangelization Program Growing In Faith Together: How to Organize a Parish wide Small Faith Sharing Group initiative. 

"Discipleship Made Easy aka "Evangelization Through Discipleship": The 6 Words and One Step to Guarantee Every Attendee to be an Evangelizing Disciple.

"How to Evangelize Through Discipleship": What to say and do for effective and comfortable Evangelization Through Discipleship.

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