Prof. Fred Nazar

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Prof. Fred Nazar
Prof. Fred Nazar Catholic Speaker

Travels from Miami, Florida

"Love, Beauty and Science are universal languages that always lead to God... even atheists are opened to them! "

Prof. Nazar has a unique approach to engage the hearts and minds of all audiences: an open dialogue illuminated by real life anecdotes, captivating multimedia and easy to understand scientific research to support purity, pro-life, natural marriage, virtues... and his famous "Scientific proof of morality"and "Scientific proof of religion". 100% according to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.

Prof. Fred A. Nazar taught Ethics at a Pontifical Catholic University, is a member of the Editorial Board of Advisors of the The Natural Family: An International Journal of Research and Policy and received the “Natural Family Award” by the International Organization for the Family / World Congress of Families, and developed the first science-backed moral certification programs (Pro-life, Pro-family, Ethically Responsible Organization). Happily married, with his wife Josephine, they are proud parents of 8 children (so far).

We are family!He has the ability to get the attention of all ages, from children to adults: having taught at college level, pro-life talks, sex-ed, feminism, catechesis and preparation for marriage (he is the author of the first multiple-choice test to prevent possible causes for annulment). He has given talks in several countries and handles several languages (English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian and German).

Above all, he is a stark promoter of Eucharistic Adoration as the solution to every single problem in the world. Jesus in the Eucharist is the source of true science and wisdom: we need a personal relationship with Him!

Prof. Nazar’s talks include almost any topic you need for your event:
Theology, Philosophy, Ethics, Bioethics, Christian Work Ethics, Communion Economics, Corporate Social Responsibility, etc.

Nevertheless, he prepared three major tracks, for single or three day events:

1. Believing Through Science: Scientific Proof of the Roman Catholic Religion (For wide audiences of all ages and creeds (even the atheist creed). “For what can be known about God is evident” Rm 1:20

Day 1: Origins. Mosaic theory. Cosmological fine tuning. Unguided evolution v. Intelligent design and supernatural selection. Biblical archaeology. Archaeologic discoveries inspired by Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerick.

Day 2: Superscience (the Science of the Supernatural). “Made in heaven”: not human art. Staircase of St. Joseph. Incorruptible bodies of Saints (and body-parts!). Liquefying blood of Saints. Sword of St. Michael. Documented miracles. Fulfilled prophecies.

Day 3: Mindblowing Signs. Living bread (scientific studies on Eucharistic signs). Stigmatics. Exorcisms.

2. The Culture of Life Irradiates Life. The Un-Culture of Death Spreads Sickness and Death (For teens and young adults (believers or not). “I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. Choose life, then, that you and your descendants may live” - Dt 30:19

Day 1: The Science of Sex. Scientific Sex-Ed (backs morality, not ideology). Epidemics of immorality (infections, disabilities, stroke, heart attack, cancer, infertility, mental illness). Green sex: NFP beats contraception. Morality paves happiness, immorality, unhappiness.

Day 2: The Science of Life. The final battle for life: how prolifers and prochoicers could work together. How to rule the world without us knowing it. Social reengineering. Language deconstruction. Violence against women. Democide (billions killed by the depopulation bomb). Fakeonomics. Real GDP.

Day 3: The Science of Marriage. Deparenting. Unfathering. Unmothering. Feminism 4.0 or XX? Why is gender parity against women? Orphaned children from living parents. Epidemics of divorce: long term health impact on parents and children.

3. New Evangelization: let's set the world on fire (For Christians) “Knowledge inflates with pride, but love builds up” - 1 Cor 8:1

Eucharistic Adoration. Holiness is for everyone, even myself. Yet not a saint today? I failed! The Mass explained (supernaturally!). The Eucharist: solution to all problems in the world. Love is not adored!

Supernatural Formation. 7 Secrets to guaranteed Salvation. The Rosary: stronger than the A-bomb. 7 Secrets of Purgatory. 7 Secrets of Fasting.

The Gospel of the Family. Beatitudes for the family, living Gospel of Love and Life. The first commandment: grow and multiply. Supernatural insurance against divorce. Suffering: Christian source of joy. Living in Providence. Inter-generational curse or blessing. Superconception (St. Hildegard, Bl. Anne Catherine). Holy kids. Pietas: a virtue for family and nation.

Mariology. Behold your Mother: Virgin Mary's physical presence in the Eucharist according to Saints (imprimatur). Economy of Salvation: nothing without Mary, nothing without us. 7 Mysteries of Virgin Mary. 5 super medals given by Virgin Mary. The order of the hypostatic union: St. Joseph: father of God, the Son, St. Anne and St. Joachim, grandparents of God, the Son.

Ecumenism. Protestantism v. Bible. No home without Mom. Angels. Divine Mercy.

Divine Mercy in Our Times: St. Faustina, Bl. Father Sopocko, Father Andrasz, Popes, etc.

The End of Times or the End of Our Time? (approved prophecies from Saints and Marian apparitions until 2411).

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