Philip J. Mango, Ph.D.

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Philip J. Mango, Ph.D.
Philip J. Mango, PhD

Travels from Newark, New Jersey

Dr. Philip Mango’s life and professional work are guided by Jesus’ mission and by a vital message given to us by St. Pope John Paul II. Jesus’ mission: “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because He has anointed me to give good news to the poor, to heal the brokenhearted, to give sight to the blind, to set the prisoners free and to liberate the oppressed.” St. Pope John Paul II’s message: “…the only way to understand a person is by integrating indisputable evidence in science, psychiatry and psychology with orthodox Catholic teaching.” Dr. Mango has been applying these guiding principles professionally for 35 years, through speaking engagements and psychotherapy.

Dr. Mango worked closely with Blessed Mother Teresa over a 12-year period, providing psychological counseling for her nuns. He treasures the letters that she wrote to him expressing her gratitude: “I thank God for all the help you give our Sisters and for the good you have done and continue to do for so many families, priests and religious,” “God love you for all the love you give to God’s poor,” “Be sure of my prayers for you and all who work with you.”

▪ Dr. Mango appeared on EWTN three times.

▪ He is a licensed Mental Health Counselor in the State of New York (MHC # 000977-1).

▪ He is Board Certified by the American Board of Medical Psychotherapists (# 3132-04).

▪ He is a member of the Catholic Medical Association and speaks at their conferences.

▪ He is a member of the New York Medical Corps, serving people traumatized by terrorism and other disasters.

▪ He leads a national movement called Band of Brothers, which provides an in-depth and comprehensive men’s retreats.

▪ He was a N.Y.P.D. Police Officer – Aux. Dept. (Shield # 15267).

▪ Dr. Mango sings and plays the trumpet, both as an individual artist, and in collaboration with other musicians. These musical interludes have been integrated with his talks when appropriate.


Fr. Mariusz Casimir Koch, CFR, Community Superior of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal:

“We have known Dr. Mango for many years and he has both personally and professionally been a tremendous gift to our Community. Dr. Mango is a devout Catholic, who serves and works in the heart of the Church and her teaching. Over the years we have been very edified by his expertise in Psychology and keen insights into the human person. He has presided over many formation days for our younger Friars and has been available for expert advice and evaluation when it was needed. Dr. Mango brings a full package to those he serves as it is clear he loves the Lord, is devoted to the Catholic Church, is at the top of his field, and personally brings a joy filled attitude and witness to his life and service.”

Very Reverend Richard L. Welch, C.Ss.R., J.C.D. Judicial Vicar, Archdiocese of New York:

“Dr. Mango is eminently qualified to speak on the subject of the psychology and theology of masculinity and femininity. His vast experience as a Catholic psychotherapist together with his grasp of John Paul II’s teaching on the anthropological view of the human person make him an expert on the subject. He has served the Metropolitan Tribunal of the Archdiocese of New York as an expert witness in marriage cases as well as other confidential matters. Dr. Mango has an engaging personality and is in my opinion is an outstanding choice as a speaker.”

Paul C. Vitz, Ph. D., Professor/Senior Scholar, Institute for the Psychological Sciences; Professor Emeritus, New York University:

“Dr. Philip Mango is a very experienced and sound Catholic psychotherapist. He is also a fine, entertaining speaker on important contemporary topics. His special expertise is on sexuality & chastity, men & true masculinity, women & genuine femininity. He has a knack for getting to the heart of an issue without any politically correct cant. He will challenge you in the best sense; highly recommended.”

Thomas McLaughlin, M.D., Ph.D.:

“During my 35 years of professional experience as a psychiatrist and clinical psychologist, I can state without any doubt that Dr. Philip Mango is the best psychotherapist and seminar leader I have ever known. I frequently observed his character, particularly his genuine courage, love, mercy, and mental toughness. I have also observed the positive effects these qualities have on others. He is deeply respected and loved by his patients and professional colleagues. He has a profound sense of humor that he successfully uses in therapy and on stage. His wisdom and psychological insights are highly needed and praised.”

Rev. David Regan:

“Dr. Mango is a man of faith. From the very beginning I have been impressed with his faithfulness and how it is integrated into each aspect of his life. I have always been impressed how faith proceeds in every action he takes whether it be implicit or explicit. This is seen by the overall fruit of his work and attitude; joyfulness. In public speaking he provides a clear message marked with depth, humor and familiarity. In the talks I have heard him give he has a way of integrating all his strengths while providing a clear message that is digestible to the mind and heart of any person in the congregation or audience.”


(1) Masculinity in the Making – Science and Faith

The severe crises of masculinity in the Church and society require a powerfully positive response. Dr. Mango confronts these crises head on with talks about what masculinity is, how it develops, how it is wounded, and how it is healed. Dr. Mango reveals the depths of the male heart by exploring neurological and psychological research as well as God’s plan for masculinity.

(2) The Four Aspects of Manhood: Servant-Leader, Warrior (Protector/Defender), Lover and Wise Counselor

Dr. Mango explores the four primary male archetypes: the King-Leader, the Warrior-Protector, the Lover and the Wise Counselor. Due to personal sin, unhealed psychological wounds, family dysfunctions, social pressures, and other distorted forms of manhood can easily develop in men. They are expressed in both passive and active ways. By presenting these archetypes, Dr. Mango provides hope for achieving ever healthier manhood in the image of Christ.

(3) Marriage – Powerful Scientific Research and Faith

Dr. Mango brings together state-of-the-art research in neurology and psychology with his many years experience with numerous couples in counseling. This seminar is extremely practical using exercises, insights and Catholic spirituality for the deepest healing of individuals and marriages. The causes of pain are explored in depth and the realities that heal are brought to light.

(4) Male and Female He Created Them – Understanding the Opposite Sex

Dr. Mango explores the depths of the male and the female heart by exploring neurological and psychological research as well as God’s plan for masculinity and femininity. He addresses the essence of masculinity and femininity, how they develop, how they are wounded, and how they are powerfully restored. He explores the intense desires, longings and needs to love and be loved. He also gives a solid understanding of the psychological differences between the sexes and how to understand and meet the needs of the opposite sex for a fulfilling relationship as married, engaged or dating couple.

(5) The Causes, Effects and Healing of Internet Pornography Addiction

Pornography is now an overwhelming tragic condition in the Church and society. Numerous people are now addicted. Dr. Mango confronts this condition with neurobiology, psychology and theology and offers ways of healing. Dr. Mango explores the intense desires, longings and needs of every person - to love and be loved, and the need for meaning. He explores obstacles to chaste living - overwhelming sexual pressure, immodesty, contempt for healthy sexuality, sin, weakness, confusions, etc. This seminar gives hope to the broken and wounded.

(6) Neurobiology, Theology and Psychology of Women

This talk explores the real needs, rights, fears, abilities and desires of women. There is an innate unique quality to womanhood which has often been described as “feminine genius”. Dr. Mango explores what womanhood is, how it develops, how it is injured and how it is healed. He presents the importance of the father-daughter relationship. This talk powerfully unites science and the Theology of the Body.

(7) Leadership in the Church – a Powerful Interaction

Leadership is a process that must be learned and developed. Natural abilities must grow as the Holy Spirit provides supernatural gifts. The leader is to have a clear and powerful vision and the genuine care for the people he serves. Dr. Mango presents and explores the three things which are absolutely essential for leaders: (1) they are to yield to God the Father for direction and support; (2) they are to seek to identify with the qualities of great leaders: primarily Jesus, and others, for example Abraham Lincoln, St. Pope John Paul II, and Martin Luther King Jr.; (3) they are to continually study and learn leadership skills, such as conflict resolution, team building and group dynamics.

(8) Evangelization of Youth – Powerful Method

Pope Francis recently stated that Catholics are often focusing on what people “should do” without first bringing people to understand how to be loved by and to love the Person of Jesus. Youth particularly are attracted by beauty of the Catholic faith and by the love that exist there when this is achieved. Dr. Mango presents the specific ways that Catholics can evangelize such that they achieve dramatic results. He starts by helping them understand how they must first be living the truths they seek to impart; that is to commune with Christ in a deeply personal way.

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