Pete Burds

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Pete Burds
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Travels from St. Francis, Wisconsin

Ever since his awakening to Catholicism through a youth ministry program, Pete Burds has used his five loaves and two fish for the sake of building the kingdom. Through storytelling, retreats, and leading worship, he has proclaimed the freedom found in Christ to thousands.

He is a graduate of Franciscan University and serves as the Director of Young Adult Ministry for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. Pete is a wanna-be philosopher, has a mild obsession with the band Switchfoot, and because of Christ, finds himself living a life greater than he could have dreamed. He and his wife live in Milwaukee, WI.

Talk Topics:
Pornography Addiction, Apologetics, Atheism, Catholic Culture, Chastity, Conversion Story, Marriage, Men's Issues, Motivational, New Evangelization, Philosophy, Prayer/Miracles, Relationships, Theology, Young Adult Topics, Youth topics (5-8 Grade), Youth topics (9-12 Grade)

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