Paul Ponce

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Paul Ponce in "The Juggler of Notre Dame"
Paul Ponce
Paul Ponce witnessing at the Vatican 2010
Paul Ponce performed for WYD 2005
Paul Ponce Catholic Speaker
Paul Ponce Catholic Speaker
Paul Ponce Catholic Speaker

Travels from Las Vegas, Nevada

Juggler of God 

Power show. Power talk.

World renowned international entertainer finds true happiness and fulfilment doing God’s will. Waits in chastity for his wife for 10 years, and now happily married travels the globe with wife and 5 children sharing the joy and happiness God has granted them. A must see family show, and a story you wont forget.

Audiences are captivated by a top class entertaining show. Only to continue mesmerised in hearing Paul’s wondrous adventure of conversion from a nominal Catholic to a witness of true happiness in his chastely wait for his future wife. A one-of-a-kind spectacular juggling performance, together with a heartfelt love story that has inspired audiences from all over the world.

Paul is a 6th generation entertainer that started performing at age 7. Today considered to be one of the best juggler entertainers in the business, he has been part of shows all over the world, from New York to Tokyo, Sydney to Montecarlo, Las Vegas to Berlin, he has appeared in Cirque du Soleil, royalty performances in Europe, worldwide television shows, and the most prestigious stages. Yet the peace and happiness that shines from his stage performances and personal life, is based on his catholic faith. But it was not like this from the beginning. 

Growing up in show business, Paul thought that his happiness would be found in his success, soon to discover that no matter what he was able to achieve never gave him the happiness his heart was searching for. Parents being nominal Catholics and world travellers in show business, baptised Paul in Lima, Peru, made him receive his First Communion in London, and all this just passing by with no formation before or after the sacraments. For this reason when Paul was 19 he decided to approach a Catholic priest in the Bahamas, to ask him about Confirmation. Luckily Paul got confirmed and it was this important sacrament that ignited his conversion. He was no longer able to use women for pleasure as before, and drastically said that if he was ever to find his true love, he would have to wait for “her” in chastity from now on. He felt peace being open to whatever vocation God wanted for him, yet he felt that God was calling him to form a family. So he decided to start consecrating his future wife to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. After 10 years of persevering in prayer, and in his life of chastity in show business God led the love of his life to him. Ever since they have been more in love each day. Today both Paul and his wife Lia are the proud parents of Pablo (born in Berlin), Jose (born in Amsterdam) Lia Maria (born in Lisbon) Alexander (born in Benidorm, Spain) and Gabriel (born in Cancun). A family that have God first and share this love to all those around.

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