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Travels from Savannah, Georgia

Paul Darrow's former hedonistic lifestyle, glamorous careers, experience with "the beautiful people" and with same-sex attraction have provided him invaluable insight into today's alternative lifestyles.  Many Catholics are now talking about the popular, hot-button topics of homosexuality, chastity, pornography and sex-addiction, but for Paul these things are lived experiences.  He speaks about them from a healed heart, —and with love.  His life is dedicated to giving hope to others and to witnessing to the joy and freedom that awaits us in a more complete identity in Christ.

Paul moved to Manhattan right after graduating college and became a pleasure-seeker, an international fashion model and an atheist.  He had enthusiastically embraced his addictions and gay identity for several decades.  However, a series of grace-filled events have subsequently turned his life around in amazing ways.  His conversion story is so powerful that he was invited to speak at the Angelicum in Rome, where he pleaded with cardinals and other clergy to preserve the current teachings of the Catholic Church on homosexuality.  The timing of that conference was newsworthy because it took place just 48 hours before the start of the Synod of Bishops on the Family.

Soon after becoming Catholic, Paul was surprised to find himself being filmed as a subject of the award-winning movie Desire of the Everlasting Hills, which has has been distributed to the bishops at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  He has appeared on EWTN and is a frequent guest on talk radio from coast to coast.  He is a member of Courage International and a recipient of its Annual Service Award.  Whether giving presentations to high school and college students, clergy and seminarians, teachers, penitentiary inmates or Catholic groups across the U.S. and in Europe, Paul shares his unusual testimony in order to be a living example that God's grace is more powerful than even the greatest of human temptations.


“You have allowed the Lord to use you in a profound way, and I can’t tell you how much your witness affected the hearts of the priests and deacons to whom you spoke in the Archdiocese.  Your story is of course deeply compelling but, more importantly I think, your faith and courage set your witness apart.  The spirit of God has made you bold, bold to stand up and proclaim God’s mercy and its fruitfulness in your life, bold to move from love’s imitation to love’s fullness.  I was repeatedly told how moving your witness was for many of the priests and deacons, and how effective your words were, in touching hearts.  One priest said he went from judging to loving in one afternoon, if that isn’t a miracle then I can’t imagine what would be."  - Most Reverend Gerard W. Battersby, Auxiliary Bishop of Detroit/South Regional Moderator

"When my friends, parishioners and I attended Paul's presentations, we were filled with hope that even in our darkest moments, the light of Christ is waiting to welcome us back.  Paul's story is truly inspiring, and there is no doubt that he has become a true and authentic witness to the mercy of Christ and His Holy Church." - Father Matthew Conley, Archdiocese of Boston

"After hearing Paul speak at different venues, I highly recommend him for any function related to human sexuality and God's plan.  He is faithful to Church teaching yet maintains a heart full of compassion and understanding.  His greatest gift is reaching people who are injured and helping them find their way back to the Church." - Kathy Schmugge, Director of Family Life, Archdiocese of Charleston

"For those with same-sex attraction, their loved-ones, and those who want to understand the issue at a deeper level, it will be challenging to find a more inspiring witness than Paul.  His story is one of mercy, forgiveness, redemption, and true love--the love he re-discovered in Christ." - Mary Ann Jepsen, MACPC, LPCC Covenant Integrative Counseling; Radio Host, St. Gabriel Radio, Columbus

"When Paul shared his story with our parish, it was one of the most courageous, impressive, masculine and Christ-like things that I have ever seen.  He exudes joy and peace!" - Matthew Chick, Coordinator of Youth Ministry, St. Mary's Parish, Holliston, MA

"In our broken and confused world, Paul's testimony needs to be heard by as many ears as possible.  The approach that he uses to share his amazing experiences appeals to everyone, whether they experience same-sex attraction or not." - Jesse Martin, The Culture Project

"One of the most lauded speakers at the [Annual Legatus] Summit was virtually unknown to attendees before his address.  Former male model Paul Darrow told how he left the gay lifestyle, converted to Catholicism and now lives a chaste life dedicated to the Lord." 
- Patrick Novecosky, former editor-in-chief Legatus Magazine 
 Some events where Paul has been a speaker:  Catholic Leadership Conference; National Legatus Conference; National Courage Conferences; National Truth and Love Conferences; Family Honor Conference; Faith Formation Conference; SEEK National Conference; World Meeting of Families; Clergy Convocation Conferences; Catholic Youth Conferences; Catholic Young Adult Conferences; John Paul II International Film Festival; Local Legatus Chapters; Parish Conferences, etc. 

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