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Nick Alexander
Nick Alexander
Nick Alexander
Nick Alexander
Nick Alexander

Travels from Milford, Connecticut

Nick Alexander strives to reach Catholics--young and old--with the Gospel, using a combination of worship, wisdom and wit.  He's known as the "Catholic Weird Al", and his talents have evolved to incorporate keynote talks, worship leading, and even podcasting.

Do you have a special event for the youth (or young adults) in your parish or diocese?  Are you hamstrung and frozen, looking for something different?  Are you passionate about having the youth in your parish grow in lasting faith?  Ideally, you would be looking for someone who...

  • Speaks to their language,
  • Knows their struggles,
  • Is entertaining and fun,
  • Thoroughly orthodox,
  • Drives the point home.

I assume you are very knowledgeable about that serious battle waged against the youth of today.  I assume you are very aware of the worrying trend of the rise of the "Nones"--those who have left the faith in their teens and twenties.  I assume you have been working tirelessly to teach students the faith, but even with all your hard work, only one out of three Catholics are aware of what the Real Presence is.  And, while in prior generations, there has been a sense that such individuals would ultimately return to the faith when it comes to raising their families, there seems to be this sense that this is not happening anymore.

So, as you are looking for that right person to front your event, you do know that whomever you do get, you are going to want someone with decades of experience, but remains youth-friendly.  Someone who knows the faith, so much so that this person can answer objections to Catholic beliefs and practices, even the thorny issues.  And you want someone who can be funny when it's appropriate, serious when it's called for.  Someone who himself has persevered those barren years when most of the generation around him had abandoned the faith, and can apply his own experience and stories to helping them persevere when it gets hard.

Perhaps you are wondering if such a person exists.  He does!  That person is Nick Alexander.


Nick has been involved in youth ministry since his own high school years, as he was giving talks and preparing Bible Studies for his fellow peers.  Over time, he had grown in the talents of guitar mastery, which he has employed for use in worship sets.  And he converted to Catholicism in 1993, after a long journey of resistance, throwing every conceivable objection to such, until he was ready to surrender to the Church's love.

After converting, Nick continued in serving the faith in myriad roles, from music minister at a weekly liturgy, serving on RCIA, and helping out at youth and young adult related events.  Through it all--long story short--Nick ultimately released his first parody album in 2000, A Time To Laugh.  It was a sensation in Catholic circles.

Two more albums would follow.  After which, Nick spent his time giving keynotes and concerts to youth, young adults, and families.  He has performed at World Youth Day, on EWTN's Life on the Rock (twice), at NCYC and NCCYM, and at myriad youth events throughout the country.  All along the way he has used his comedy and worship to ingrain the truths of the faith, doing so with a light touch, but also one that resonates with the listener. 

Even now.  Over the last ten years, Nick has been learning the new music and theological landscape, while juggling parenting responsibilities, and keynoting at youth events.  He has become even more proficient at growing his own YouTube empire, starting with his video for This Time of Forty Days, which currently has over 80,000 views.  As of late Nick has been listening to the current music scene, writing parodies based on artists he expects his audience will be familiar with, and creating videos that become shared over Facebook and YouTube.


"We were delighted to have Nick Alexander as part our Holy Week day of prayer.  He worked closely with us in the planning of the day and was able to incorporate our ideas into his presentation.  Nick is at his best with his parodies and music.   He has a deep appreciation of our Catholic tradition and creatively communicates it in a non-traditional but authentic way." - Fr. Michael Holzmann

"Nick's performance was the perfect combination of comedy and catechesis! His enthusiasm is contagious!"  - A.T. Tuckahoe, NY

"Nick gives an enjoyable presentation and calls his listeners into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church.  Our students from preschool to high school were enaged." - J.W., Director of R.E. and Principal

What Nick Offers

When Nick is hired to do a performance for a youth-related event, this is what Nick offers:

  • Dynamic Talks - Funny, Information-Packed, and Memorable.  Flexible to the themes of the event.  Oftentimes integrating parody songs with the message.
  • Parody Songs - Nick writes parody songs based on the current charts, on themes that are resonant to the needs of the youth.
  • Apologetics - Nick is happy to subject himself to a Q&A, where students can ask him _anything_, and he will do his best to share what the Church teaches, in a way that is relatable and understandable.
  • Adoration Music - Nick has a knack of weaving together worship songs, masterfully linking song to song to song, whether modern or traditional, and allowing the praise of Christ to resound.
  • Liturgical Music - Proficient in playing for liturgies, from choosing congregational friendly songs that link to the Propers, to composing Responsorial Psalms.  Has an extremely wide repertoire of both the latest praise and worship, to traditional hymns.
  • Concert - Whether you want a standalone concert, or a Saturday evening concert, Nick performs his comedy songs tailoring for each crowd.
  • Memorization Hacks - [NEW] Employing the visual approaches of the ancients, Nick integrates fun activities that will help assist in memorizing a list of the organizer's own choosing (i.e. The Ten Commandments, Seven Deadly Sins, Days of Obligation, etc.).
  • Goodie Bag - Every student gets a free comedy CD of their own choosing (while supplies last), as a keepsake for the event, and continue to learn the faith.

You will want to invite Nick Alexander to your next youth event.  Don't delay, or else you may have to wait until much later!  

Note: Nick Alexander has been fully compliant with VIRTUS.

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