Mike Pacer

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Mike Pacer Catholic Speaker
Mike Pacer Catholic Speaker
Mike Pacer Catholic Speaker
Mike Pacer Catholic Speaker
Mike Pacer Catholic Speaker

Travels from Batavia, Illinois

Mike Pacer practiced as a Chicago trial lawyer for fourteen years before hearing a call from God to “just leave.” Mike’s trust walk over the past 14 years has lead him to a life as a dynamic international speaker, award-winning author, retreat facilitator, and parish mission leader.

Mike and his wife Lori are the Directors of Evangelize All Ministries, an apostolate that promotes God Is! – a powerful plan for parish evangelization and renewal. Mike is also the President of 5 Stones, a not for profit that partners with Catholic organizations, providing them tools to magnify their message and evangelize the world.

Mike earned his Masters of Theology at Holy Apostles College and Seminary and was an Advocate on the Marriage Tribunal for the Diocese of Rockford.

Mike is the author of the books Mercy and Hope (Ignatius Press) and Prayers for Catholic Men (Servant). He is also the co-author with his wife of “God Is! A One Day Journey Closer to God,” the retreat guide utilized by Evangelize All Ministries. Mike is the Co-Executive Producer of Restored: Stories of Encounter (2020 Garbriel Award Winner for Human Dignity - Film -General Excellance).  Mike  resides in Batavia, IL. He is the father of three sons.

Mike has presented at parishes, mens conferences, prayer breakfasts, organization meetings and for gatherings of diocesan leaders and clergy, across the United States and in Australia.


  • "Mike was great! His enthusiasm, his engaging stories, and strong challenges energized the men who attended our Conference. I could see that his passion for Christ was genuine, and he made me want to take my walk with the Lord up a notch. Mike has that kind of energy that is infectious."– David Glasgow, Chairman Venice Men’s Conference
  • "I just wanted to thank you for coming, and your dynamic presentation to our young people, parents and sponsors. You speak from your heart and left an impact on ours."– Jackie Bieber, Deanery DRE, Diocese of Springfield
  • "Thank you so much for your service to our community. People are still talking about the effect your visit had on them. The Holy Spirit definitely used you as an instrument of wisdom and joy for all of us. You were the right person at the right time and we were blessed by your gifts."– Kristen Thorstad, Pastoral Coordinator, St, Martha Parish, Murietta CA
  • "We did a lot of searching for our event before we found Mike Pacer. He is a dynamic and engaging speaker. The gathering of men at our Lenten prayer breakfast were touched by his inspiring story and heartfelt message of Christ’s love and mercy for us."– Aaron Rosengren, Chairman Jacksonville Men’s Prayer Breakfast
  • "I invited Mike to speak at our diocese. He was enthusiastically received by all. I am very grateful to Mike for his work for the Church."– Robert F. Vasa, Bishop of Santa Rosa

Representative talks include:

Giving it all to God.  Mike shares journey from living a life of duplicity (trying to live a holy life while firmly grasping onto many sins and worldly allurements) toward a life of surrender to God.  Mike shares how he slowly “let go” of various things in his life – money, possession, family, even his identity – and “gave them” to God. And, how in doing so, Mike discovered God’s great generosity and came to experience a new-found joy and peace.  While sharing his story, Mike invites his audience to reflect upon their lives and discern what they need to let go of and surrender to God.

Mercy and Merit. This talk addresses the shame and guilt that hang over so many of us due to our failures and perceived unworthiness before God. It dispels the ever-present voice telling us that we must earn God's love.  This talk expresses the power of the message of Divine Mercy and imparts hope.

God loves me... So what? This talk seeks to "blow away" listeners by the communicating the reality of God's love - what it is; what it means for each of us; how we can and must accept it to be transformed; what our lives might look like as we begin to better embrace God's love for us.

The Good Catholic Man. This talk challenges men to embrace their deepest identity – that of a beloved son of God. It promotes an authentic, masculine spirituality that flows from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The talk challenges men to truly be men – as God intended – not as misrepresented by a warped secular society. It suggests the implementation of “plan of life” which promotes personal holiness and peace and the sanctification of family and friends.

Prayer – Him, Me, We. In seeking to foster a better understanding of and love for prayer, this talk takes the audience right to the heart of authentic Christian prayer – its divine origin, its identity and its goal. This talk is not an intellectual discussion of the history of prayer. Nor is it a “commercial” for any particular school of spirituality. Rather, the goal of this talk is to help Christians to know and love God better through a deeper understanding of prayer.

He Said/She Said: Equal, but different in our approach to God. A joint presentation by Mike & his wife Lori sharing their journey toward understanding each other and embracing a shared spirituality and a life in Ministry.

The Catholic Identity Crisis – “Liberal,” “Conservative,” or Something Else? Many years have passed since Vatican II and Catholics are still confused as to what Vatican II said and what it means to be Catholic today. This talk explains the identity and role of the lay Catholic as envisioned in Vatican II documents and suggests how the average “person in the pew” might come to better comprehend and accept “changes” in the Church.

PARISH MISSION: Confronting Christ & Living Life This three-day journey closer to God will comfort, inspire, and challenge all who attend, no matter where they are in their faith journey. In promoting true conversion of heart, Mike brings a level of infectious enthusiasm, tempered by humility, empathy and humor. Mike speaks as one of the flock – a fellow, husband and father, son and brother who is on the same journey as his audience. The topics for these three days are (1) Confronting Christ, (2) Confronting Myself, and (3) Living Life. Day One includes a Mass, Day Two Reconciliation and Day Three a powerful Adoration experience.

  • “Awesome! … just what I needed this Lent” – Sue, Gurnee
  • “The best Mission I have ever attended.” – Salvatore, Waukegan
  • “This Mission has changed me and I know that it will change our parish as well.” – Rosemary, Prospect Heights
  • “I met Christ today in a way I have never before.” – John, Loves Park
  • “Exactly what I hoped for. Exactly what our parish needed!” – Rev Phil Kaim, Pastor, Rockford
  • "Thank you so much for your service to our community. People are still talking about the effect your visit had on them. The Holy Spirit definitely used you as an instrument of wisdom and joy for all of us. You were the right person at the right time and we were blessed by your gifts." – Kristen, Pastoral Coordinator, Murietta

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