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Michele Fleming
Michele Fleming
Michele Fleming
Michele Fleming

Michele Fleming, Ph.D. is a counselor, radio host, blogger, and highly experienced motivational speaker on topics related to relationships, sexuality, and leadership development.  Michele holds a Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in integration of Theology.  She has spoken at universities, conferences, parish missions, and professional conventions.  She recently presented her research at the National Convention of the Christian Association for the Psychological Sciences.  Michele combines her experience in business development, pscyhology, and training in human sexuality and the teachings of Theology of the Body to provide presentations that are challenging, humerous, and transformative. 

Dr. Michele Fleming has been a keynote speaker at numerous regional and national conferences, such as the National Catholic Singles Conference and the Southern California Renewal Conference, at universities such as Stanford Universtiy and Mount St. Mary’s, and at business organizations such as Catholic Professional and Business Clubs.  Her unique style of presentation integrates Catholic theology with psychology, providing sound principles on how to live God's will in today’s culture. Her interactive format and content based on biblical principles and the latest research in human flourishing provide a unique experience for audiences.  From 2006-2012, Michele was a host of “St. Joseph Radio Presents,” a weekly national radio broadcast, where she helped to evangelize both the religious and non-religious listener.  Michele served as the Director of Young Adult Ministry for the Diocese of San Diego, and as a consultant for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.  She is a featured blogger for Catholic Singles and Busted Halo, where she answers questions on relationships and sexuality.  Michele currently maintains a private practice working with individuals and groups as an executive and relationship coach.  Michele considers her most important calling to be to her marriage and children, where she gets to live out daily her passion for healthy relationships.  


Healthy Relationships in a Hook-up Culture
Living life as a faithful Catholic can be difficult, especially in the area of relationships and sexuality. Michele reviews the latest research on attraction and bonding, along with the theology of romantic love.  Integrating humorous stories about her own journey through the single life, Michele delivers a message of hope and optimism in today’s confused culture about dating, relationships, and commitment.  

The LGBT Debate
One of the most controversial topics in today’s Church, Michele examines both sides of the debate around Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender relationships.  Delivered with great compassion and a spirit of inclusion, Michele reviews the latest research on same-sex attraction, the biblical references used both “for” and “against” same sex relationships, and a simple and clear explanation of church teaching.  

Healing from Sexual Sin and Shame
When sexual sin occurs, either through our own permission or through the sins of others, we can be caught in bondage to patterns of sin and shame.  Based on research in the impact of sexual activity and sexual trauma, Michele presents a message of restorative and redemptive sexuality.  She also provides an outline of the steps she uses with clients to assist in healing.  Available as a teaching for lay counselors and ministry leaders.

Marriage is a Team Sport
Ever wonder what makes some marriages seem to sail through life with few problems, while others suffer under the weight of discouragement and constant battles?  Michele provides important clues on how to predict happy marriages from those headed towards trouble.  With a review of the latest research on marital happiness, combined with God’s design for uniting men and women, Michele outlines a path for improved connection, strength, and passion.

Transformative Leadership
With so much information on leadership development and workplace performance, it can be overwhelming to implement real change that transforms the workplace.  Michele combines her 12-year career in high-tech sales and management with the latest research on performance enhancement, motivation, and leadership style.

What is Truth?  (Apologetics)
Ever been challenged to really defend your faith?  Did it leave you questioning, how do you know what is true and what is simply opinion?  Ever think you’re the only one with these thoughts?  Michele explores this question through a detailed analysis of Jesus’ discussion with Pilate in John’s Gospel.  Rather than trying to memorize bible versus or cover ever topic in Church teaching, Michele will leave your audience feeling more passionate and committed to the truth of our faith.

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