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Travels from St. Paul, Minnesota

Michael Matt has played a significant role in the Catholic media movement in the United States. Through his unwavering commitment to the Catholic Faith, Michael has established himself as a vital voice for those seeking to preserve the historical and doctrinal integrity of Catholicism.


Michael J. Matt is the current editor of The Remnant, a Catholic newspaper and online media company in the United States. The Remnant, founded in 1968, holds the distinction of being the oldest Catholic newspaper in the U.S. with a traditional Catholic focus, fully adhering to core doctrines and practices.

Since its inception, The Remnant has faithfully asserted its commitment to traditional Catholic teaching in all facets of its journalism, often taking a critical stance against faulty interpretations of Catholic doctrine and social teachings. Over the years, The Remnant has garnered a dedicated readership that resonates with its conservative perspective.

Under Michael’s solid leadership, The Remnant has continued to evolve as it adheres to its founding mission. Additionally, Michael has become a prominent voice in the community, leveraging both the print and digital platforms to reach a wider audience. Notable Catholic thinkers also have contributed to The Remnant, enriching its discourse with scholarly and theological insights and solidifying The Remnant's role as a defender of Catholic principles.

Under Michael's direction, The Remnant has also expanded its outreach through Remnant TV, a platform that produces video commentary and event coverage. Hosted by Michael, Remnant TV addresses current issues within the Church, providing a traditional perspective on contemporary ecclesiastical and societal developments. This multimedia approach has enhanced The Remnant's ability to engage with a broader audience, particularly younger Catholics who consume news and commentary through digital channels.

Michael’s strong leadership and advocacy underscores a commitment to preserving and promoting Catholic traditions. By maintaining a steadfast adherence to traditional and conservative views, Michael and The Remnant continue to influence and shape the discourse within the Catholic community.

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