Dr. Mel Kennedy

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Mel Kennedy
Mel Kennedy Catholic Speaker

Travels from Las Vegas, Nevada

Award Nominated Recording Artist and Inspirational Performer, Motivational and Liturgical Speaker, NPM Certified Cantor Colleague - Dr. Mel Kennedy uses her gifts of an extraordinary voice, dynamic presentation, and infectious spirituality to capture the hearts of those who hear her. Mel shares sacred scripture, heart-warming songs, and personal and humorous stories to engage her audience with an authentic faith experience. In addition to her live presentations and performances, Mel has released five contemporary Christian CDs. Mel's ministry is about empowering and encouraging men and women to share their faith and radiate God's love through liturgy, service, relationship, and the simple actions of day to day life.

Dr. Mel Kennedy is a musicianary (musician & missionary) award-nominated recording artist, liturgical trainer, and inspirational speaker. Through song, story, scripture, and prayer, Mel brings the gospel message into the hearts of those who hear her.

She earned her Doctor of Ministry in Applied Ministries from Graduate Theological Foundation. Mel holds an M.A. in Liturgical Ministry and Graduate Certificate in Pastoral Studies from Catholic Theological Union, Chicago. Her B.A. in Business Administration is from California State University, Fullerton. She is a National Association of Pastoral Musicians Certified Cantor Colleague.

Mel has released five Christian Music CDs that have been nominated for multiple awards: 2010 Unity Award Spanish Album of the Year, Liturgical Song of the Year, and Devotional Song of the Year; 2008 Unity Award Liturgical Song of the Year; 2007 Momentum Award Song of the Year; and 2007 Momentum Award Artist of the Year.


Her ministry is about empowering and inspiring men and women to share their faith and radiate God's love through liturgy, service, relationship, and the simple actions of day-to-day life. Some of her most popular talks are:

The Road Ahead of Me: “My Lord God, I have no idea where I am going, I do not see the road ahead of me.”

We all feel lost at times wondering where God is leading us. This practical presentation is based on Thomas Merton’s Prayer of Trust and Confidence. By breaking open the prayer with scripture, reflection, and song, the audience is challenged to discover ways to trust and allow God’s plan in their life.

God's Simple Path: “"We all need time for silence, to reflect and to pray." - Blessed Mother Teresa

Drawing from the wisdom of Saint Mother Teresa, this presentation explores her “Simple Path” of silence, prayer, faith, love, service and peace. In discovering how these steps help us to live out a life of love (for ourselves and others), we will explore ways to share that love to serve and respect our Lord and our fellow human beings. Through Scripture, sharing, song, fellowship, and prayer, we will be reminded how we are daily called to follow God’s Simple path. And through that practice, how we can embrace God’s love to freely give it to ourselves, family, community, and the world.

Rest, Renew and Rejoice!: "May your whole spirit, soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ." -1 Thessalonians 5:23

In this passage, St. Paul calls us to nourish of all aspects of our God created being: mind, spirit, and yes, even our bodies. As women of faith, our own well-being often takes a back seat as we focus on and minister to others. But how can we love and take care of others if we don't first love and take care of ourselves? This powerful retreat explores practical ways to encourage us to develop healthy habits to take care of our mental, spiritual, and physical well-being. It will offer inspiring suggestions to help us rest, so that we can renew, and then rejoice in mind, body and spirit giving praise to our loving God!

Fearless with Faith: "Strength and honor are her clothing; she is confident about the future." -Proverbs 31:25

There are many amazing and fearless women in the Bible who can inspire us. Some of their stories, like Miriam and Mary-Magdalene, we might have heard. But, others, like Ruth, Deborah, Hannah, and Esther, we might not know well. These female faith leaders are role models for us through their faith, strength, commitment, and perseverance. But they were also just like us, with faults, doubts, and wounds. In this retreat, we will explore all aspects of these inspiring women and how they can be inspiration for us to fearless with faith.

Your True Voice“…that God is speaking through them, they are an instrument – and they need a certain amount of techniques…that allows the pages of the Bible cease to be writings and become living words, spoken by God.” (Pope Francis, General Audience, 01/31/2018)


This training workshop is an opportunity for new and veteran liturgical ministers to enrich their spiritual and liturgical skills in sharing the Word of God with the community. It focuses on spiritual preparation as well as practical presentation techniques that help with the effective proclamation of scripture through spoken and sung word. Participants will explore ways to: Be an instrument of God’s word (spoken or sung); Proclaim and lead with confidence, authenticity, and respect; Honor their role in the liturgy and perform it effectively; Enhance (rather than distract from) the ritual of the liturgical service, and; Be a conduit for the Holy Spirit to allow for spiritual conversion.

In addition to her live presentations and performances, Mel has released five contemporary Christian CDs.

Mother, I Miss You (50% of the proceeds benefit MD Anderson Cancer Center)

Bienaventurados (Spanish/English Album)  2010 Unity Award Spanish Album of the Year Nominee

Open My Eyes 2008 Unity Award Liturgical Song of the Year Nominee

The Journey Multiple Top Catholic Song Choice

Hope-N-Light Mel's Debut EP

Mel is an Artist Representative for Unbound Ministries. She also has several community outreach programs. Along with her ministry, she is the proud aunt of 17 nieces/nephews and 10 great nieces/nephews. She resides in Nevada with her husband of over 38 years, Steve. Her ministry is dedicated in loving memory of her mom, ministry team member & best friend, Barbara Shields.

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