Mayra Rodriguez


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Mayra Rodriguez Pro Life Catholic Speaker
Mayra Rodriguez Pro Life Catholic Speaker
Mayra Rodriguez Pro Life Catholic Speaker
Mayra Rodriguez Pro Life Catholic Speaker
Mayra Rodriguez Pro Life Catholic Speaker

Travels from Maricopa, Arizona

Mayra Rodriguez is the former director of 3 Planned Parenthood clinics, was Planned Parenthood’s 2016 ‘Employee of the Year’, and is a courageous whistleblower who won a 2019 wrongful termination lawsuit against Planned Parenthood, and an award of $3M in damages.

During her 17 years with Planned Parenthood, Mayra witnessed critical safety and health-related violations including incomplete abortions, falsification of patient records, illegal conduct, unreported statutory rape, women severely injured by abortion, and high complication rates with a particular abortionist. Mayra’s reports of these incidents were met with harassment, hostility, and termination.

In a 2019 lawsuit against the abortion giant, Mayra proved that Planned Parenthood exploited her undocumented status, endangered women, paid women less than men, and hid narcotics in her desk to silence and intimidate her. After only 3 hours of deliberation, a predominantly pro-choice jury unanimously found Planned Parenthood guilty for terminating Mayra’s employment in retaliation for her whistleblowing activity.

Today, Mayra is a powerful advocate against abortion, a champion for women and the unborn, and is driven to expose the truth behind Planned Parenthood's dangerous practices. Mayra credits the faith of those praying on the sidewalk and the Divine Mercy of God for her reversion to the Catholic faith and for the strength it took to stand against the abortion Goliath - and win.

Mayra is available for interviews and speaking engagements on topics including Planned Parenthood, abortion, contraception, and the power of prayer.


  • Exposing the Truth: Inside Planned Parenthood and the Danger of Abortion
  • Prayer on the Sidewalk and the Power of God's Divine Mercy (pro-life testimony)
  • Mexico's Fight for Life: Planned Parenthood as MEXFAM (Mayra's work with Mx Congress)
  • Beating Planned Parenthood

Mayra can speak on a number of pro-life, abortion, and contraception-related topics in English or Spanish, and prefers to tailor her talks to the needs of the client.

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