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Matthew Arnold Catholic Speaker

Travels from Garden Grove, California

Without a doubt, Matthew Arnold is the “best kept secret” in Catholic evangelization and apologetics today. A former Hollywood insider and convert from “New-Age,” Matthew is a gifted international speaker who’s “no nonsense” approach to Catholicism has inspired and informed audiences on four continents for nearly twenty years.

Matthew has produced dozens of popular Catholic audio and video presentations including Our Catholic Faith and Fire & Sword: The Crusades. He has appeared often on EWTN Radio where he co-hosted Scripture Matters LIVE with Dr. Scott Hahn. His enlightening programs, What every Catholic Needs to Know About the Bible and What Every Catholic Needs to Know About Hell, continue to air on EWTN-TV. Matthew’s popular CDs, DVDs and brochures on the Catholic Faith are currently available in over six thousand parishes around the United States through Lighthouse Catholic Media where he enjoys the distinction of having the most CD titles in their catalogue (after Scott Hahn!).

Whether he's speaking at a Cathedral Church or a major Catholic Conference, leading a retreat for the folks at a humble small-town parish, or addressing a meeting of Catholic professionals, Matthew Arnold brings the same energy, passion, and humor to every enlightening and entertaining presentation.

Matthew holds a Certificate of Lay Ecclesial Ministry for the Diocese of Orange, a Certificate in Christian Counselling, and was a founding member of the Society for Christian Psychology. He currently resides in Southern California with his wife Betty and six children. 


Raised in an atmosphere of “generic Christianity,” Matthew’s spiritual beliefs eventually ran the gamut from the “New Age” variety, including crystals, Tarot and “channeling,” to practical agnosticism. Here is the surprising and inspiring story of how this former Hollywood entertainer (Friends, The Drew Carey Show, Dave’s World, etc.) discovered Christ and His Church and the on-going challenges of living life as a faithful Catholic husband, father, and evangelist.

Keeping the Faith – But Not to Yourself!

In this presentation you’ll discover why Matthew Arnold was chosen to write the Introduction to Terry Barber’s Catholic best-seller How to Share Your Faith with Anyone. A twenty year veteran of “intentional evangelization” Matthew shares many personal—and often humorous—anecdotes of his challenging, but rewarding journey of sharing the Faith. On the way, he reveals why real evangelization is not proselytism, why you do not need to be an “expert” in order to share the Faith, and how effective evangelization is not primarily about tactics or strategies, but is a way of life.


Ever had a “Bible Christian” challenge you with a barrage of Bible verses that seems to contradict Catholic teaching? Ever hear, “Where’s that in the Bible?” and didn’t know what to say? That’s Katholic Kryptonite! Now, join Matthew Arnold – mild-mannered apologist for a great world religion – in the never-ending battle for Truth, Justice and the Catholic Way! In this lively and engaging PowerPoint presentation, you’ll discover bullet-proof Biblical answers to the many objections to the Catholic Faith made by Fundamentalists and other “Bible Christians.”


In this episode, mild-mannered apologist Matthew Arnold takes on the super-villain team-up of atheists, agnostics, and secular humanists! How do you know there’s a God? If God is all-powerful then why is there so much evil in the world? What happens to people who never heard of Jesus? How can a loving God send people to hell? This pulse-pounding PowerPoint even shows how to demolish the secret weapon of Katholic Kryptonite: “Don’t tell me, I survived twelve years of Catholic school!” Don’t miss it!


Along with the gifts of the Spirit that Catholics associate with the Sacrament of Confirmation (Isaiah 11.2-3) and the well-known “charismatic” gifts (1 Corinthians 12), the Bible also reveals seven essential spiritual motivations that are an inherent part of our God-given identities. In this talk, Matthew reveals how to “go with your strengths” as you discover how to uncover and maximize your unique spiritual gifts in your own life and relationships.

Parenting in the Light

Helping today's kids navigate a challenging atmosphere of worldly temptations and moral relativism leaves many Catholic parents tired, frustrated and confused about which way to turn. With a generous mixture of humor, personal insight, and real-life examples, Catholic evangelist and home-schooling father of six Matthew Arnold reveals the secrets to successful parenting in the light of Christ.


Were the Crusaders deluded religious fanatics? Heartless barbarians? Greedy opportunists? Or does a closer examination reveal something more about these astounding episodes of history? This informative presentation challenges the anti-Catholic “spin” surrounding the Crusades and puts forth compelling evidence supporting little-known truths of history.

The Holy Quest – Christian PERFECTION for Today

The words Holy Quest likely conjure up images of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. But what does that have to do with Catholic life today? The answer lies in Vatican II’s document on the apostolate of the laity. According to Apostolicam Actuositatem, Catholic lay people are called to nothing less than the sanctification of the secular order—to make the world holy—which is precisely what the legends of chivalry were all about. Now, Matthew Arnold reveals what it really means to “put on the armor of God” and join the quest for Christian Perfection.


That’s medieval! These words are meant to conjure up images of ignorance, intolerance, superstition, and cultural darkness. Yet, under the influence of the Catholic Church, the Middle Ages saw the abolition of slavery, the liberation of women, many inventions still in use today, and astounding intellectual and artistic achievements. This enlightening and entertaining PowerPoint presentation refutes many myths and misconceptions surrounding what should rightly be called the Age of Faith and champions a return to an authentic “Medieval Mentality.”


What really happened to the cup of Christ after the Last Supper? More fascinating than modern fiction or medieval fables, this enlightening and well-documented presentation follows the historical trail of the Holy Grail through the centuries – from the Cenacle to its current location in a Catholic Cathedral. This stunning PowerPoint presentation includes many images of the Grail, its incredible modern pilgrimage under Saint John XXIII, and inspiring images of Saint John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI celebrating Papal Mass with the Chalice of Our Lord.


Matthew credits the Blessed Mother's intercession with his conversion to the Catholic Faith. In this presentation, he shares the Gospel truth about such important topics as Mary's Divine Maternity, Perpetual Virginity, Immaculate Conception, and Bodily Assumption into Heaven. Plus Matthew unpacks the Church's Biblical understanding of Mary as New Eve, Ark of the Covenant, and Queen Mother to reveal her crucial role in the devotional life of Catholics today.


In this practical PowerPoint presentation you’ll discover how to read the Holy Bible in keeping with the mind of the Church—and how to apply the Scriptures to your life today. Both enlightening and entertaining these “Ten Commandments” cover how to read the Bible “in and with the Church,” how to choose a Bible translation, why legitimate Bible study cannot contradict Tradition, why the Catechism is your best “Bible study aid,” and much more.

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