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Matthew Allner Catholic Speaker
Matthew Allner Catholic Speaker
Matthew Allner Catholic Speaker
Matthew Allner Catholic Speaker
Matthew Allner Catholic Speaker
Matthew Allner Catholic Speaker

Travels from Colorado Springs, Colorado

Matt Allner is an enthusiastic and powerful speaker with a diverse background of both professional and life experiences that will have you reflecting not only about what matters in life, but will help you discover discernment and to hear God’s call for your discipleship. 

With the world at such a critical turning point—national and personal debt at an all time high, social pressures and competition in school and in sports higher than they have ever been before for our youth, the multitude of external factors chiseling away at marriages and family dynamics, and with the very real spiritual battle for our souls that is waging, Matt will help you see why there is no better time than now to address these issues with positive and realistic solutions as he sheds a very simple light on how we all can protect our relationships and our children by staying the course on what matters most---loving and serving God. From athletics to public education, marriage to fatherhood, science researcher to entrepreneur, Matt will connect with audiences of all ages in ways that will leave you wanting to hear more and desiring to build a stronger relationship with and serve God more than you ever have before.

"For many are invited, but few are chosen"  - Matthew 22:14

Matt started his devout ministry work in 2015 in response to a call from the Lord with respect to several growing concerns in society, particularly with the family component and with youth all throughout the world and at home here in the United States.  Since dedicating his time, talents, and finances to the effort Matt has seen his ministry efforts grow steadily having provided leadership training for the Boys & Girls Club, St. Mary's Catholic High School, and the Salesian Sisters Young Adult Ministry group, all in Colorado Springs.  He has had consulting contracts with the YMCA to develop and grow their youth sports program, has been the leader of a Men's Ministry Program at his Church by the name of That Man Is You, and has been a keynote speaker at numerous venues within the Colorado Springs Catholic Diocese. Today Matt now travels throughout the United States and Internationally to speak to church groups, schools, and youth sports organizations as he carries out his ministry work.  He was also invited to attend a leadership summit at the Vatican in Rome, Italy in November of 2017 and has been a host on the Fiat Ministry Network and on Colorado Springs Catholic Diocese Bishop Michael Sheridan's radio show where he spoke to the Bishop about the teen suicide crisis in Colorado Springs and his experience on the topic while working as a public educator.

Matt’s path to a deep faith in the Lord started at a very early age when he felt God’s presence in his life, where his first discerning of God's call was while he was an altar server in the Catholic Church he attended each Sunday. As God continued to strengthen his faith and his talents, he felt God favoring his life and moving him to an athletic platform where he would work to positively influence a broad age range of youth. As his life evolved further he found himself moving to new and sometimes very different platforms but all serving the same focus of protecting youth and positively influencing others. This focus eventually moved him to a more intense focus in 2015 where he felt a very strong and clear call from God to heavily pursue more mission work through his consulting efforts and from substantial tithing efforts from the success of the business entities he owns and manages. Matt’s story of discernment and clear understanding of his call to serve God is not only moving but empowering, as he has turned down multiple lures throughout his life that would have brought him fame and fortune, but did so in order to continue the path he knows God has asked him to pursue. He is unshaken in his faith, strong in his marriage, fiercely protective of his children and all youth he works with, and is finding a deeper relationship with God each day through the work he is now involved in.

Speaking Titles and Topics: 

- Discernment: Learning to Listen to and Trust God’s Call

- Putting God’s Armor on Your Marriage and Your Family: Understanding the Plan to Destroy the Church Involves Destroying the Family

- When Will We Have Enough?: A Culture Focused on Possessions, Personal Accomplishments, and Careers

- Youth Sports: Its All About the Kids Right?

- Heaven and Hell Are Here on Earth: Jesus’ Message to “Love One Another”

- Saving Souls: A Call to Look at Classmates, Co-workers, Neighbors, Friends, Family, and Ourselves in a Very Different Light

- Compete With Yourself, Cooperate with Others: Keeping Competition Healthy and in Check

- Science and Faith: Using Faith and Scripture to Properly Defend and Protect God’s Science from Humans’ Science

- How Do I Provide for My Family?: Finding Favor With God and Allowing Him to Have Control Over Your Life

Matt is available for keynote/motivational presentations, retreats, workshops/training, and consultations 

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Religious and Professional Presentations and Talks:

Matt has been public speaking since he was in high school where he worked with the D.A.R.E. program speaking as an athlete to elementary students about keeping off of drugs and alcohol. As Matt grew into his speaking career he continued to speak to youth and adults both nationally and internationally as an athlete and scientist through his time with NASA as he promoted both educational and professional science programs, doing so both in the classroom as well as through research presentations at international space science conferences such as the Committee on Space Research (COSPAR) and the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) respectively. 

As a Catholic Speaker Matt has traveled across the nation to speak to business leaders, at parish events and Lenten retreats, Confirmation Retreats, Catholic vocation day events, Young Adult Ministry groups, the Knights of Columbus, and various state-wide conferences. He also has been on a variety of radio shows as a guest where he speaks about problems affecting youth and how to protect them, Pro-life issues, Spiritual Warfare, and various aspects of strengthening family life – from marriage to fatherhood. Matt is currently completing work on his first book, which is focusing on a call to all men to discipleship and fatherhood.

Here’s What Others Have to Say About Matt’s Talks and Training Abilities

"After listening to Matt’s vision and keynote address at the South Carolina Men’s retreat recently, I was reminded of one of my favorite quotes from Saint John Paul II; “Do not be afraid. Open wide the doors for Christ!”  Matt is not afraid of the seemingly impossible things. His life experience and the grace God has clearly given him, is a true gift for those who get to listen to his words and be inspired to help open those doors for Christ in every facet of our lives, our communities and our world! It has been a pleasure as well getting to know Matt as a fellow Patriot.  I look forward to the years ahead, with the help of our Lady, working with Matt to fight the good fights for truth, beauty and goodness, as we run the race of this earthly journey and strive to be the saints for the age we live in!" - Rick Oehlhof, Former US Army Green Beret & Catholic Convert

"My 19-year-old son and I recently heard Matt speak in March in South Carolina, and as much as I enjoyed his words, my son really was impressed and talked about him on the ride home.  I wanted to say thank you to Matt on our behalf and hope to see him on a national stage soon.  Anyone that is working to reach our youth today should consider having Matt come and talk to them" - Billy Martin, Former NYFD and Dedicated Catholic Father

Matt was exceptional in his presentation on Faith and Science during our monthly Tapping Into Theology program. He was knowledgeable and engaging, sharing with a great deal of passion and charism.  We cannot wait to have him back.” - Rob Plush, Director of Adult Formation, Sacred Heart Parish, Colorado Springs Diocese

"Matt is a person with admirable moral character and ethics, who places his family as a first and foremost priority. . . but while doing so doesn't ever forget about other young people and adults around him. Having seen him in the role of conscience and responsible husband and father, I can understand why he has been such an effective teacher and mentor to both K-12 and graduate level students, as well as other educators for more than 17 years. He not only delivered quality instruction in the classroom, but had an uncanny ability to resolve conflict situations in a constructive manner, always motivating his students and peers in positive ways to produce consistent results His intrinsic and natural sense of humor helps him tremendously in keeping multiple social balances for mutual benefits. Matt is fully dedicated to developing others to be their best so they can reach their full potential – personally, professionally and relationally – in church, in the workplace, in sports and in life." - Dr. Vadim Rygalov, Associate Graduate Professor, University of North Dakota Space Studies Department

My relationship with Matt has grown over the last several years here at St. Patrick Catholic Church as he has been a big part of our Christian faith community. As Matt took over the leadership role for a Men’s Ministry by the name of ‘That Man Is You’ (TMIY) after another man stepped down, we were at a cross road with how to run it as attendance had been dropping consistently each year. He quickly assembled a Core Leadership Team and implemented several new ideas from everyone, which together brought attendance up quickly. Matt rallied the men around more opportunities outside the ministry to further build fellowship while also bringing the men’s families together to build more community through fun events, family picnics, and service projects. And he has consistently challenged men to step up and be the men and fathers that our society so desperately needs. It has bee my privilege to know and grow under Matt’s Christian leadership.” - Eric Sieverts, Director of Adult Formation, St. Patrick’s Parish, Colorado Springs Diocese

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