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Mary Sharon Moore

Mary Sharon Moore

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Mary Sharon Moore
Mary Sharon Moore Catholic Speaker
Mary Sharon Moore Catholic Speaker
Mary Sharon's "What I have learned so far" MOMS retreat, Eugene OR, 02.03.18
Mary Sharon Moore Catholic Speaker
Mary Sharon Moore Catholic Speaker

Travels from Eugene, Oregon

Catholic author, speaker, and teacher Mary Sharon Moore, a committed follower of Jesus, serves the Church as an evangelizing missionary, delivering powerful programs and conference keynotes. Mary Sharon ignites the heart, mind, and spirit of individuals and audiences to the mission of the Church--to remain in Christ and to reveal him everywhere. Mary Sharon Moore is dedicated to equipping laity to be the public face of Christ. She believes deeply that every one of us is anointed for a purpose, for a work of justice and love in this world, unique to our gifting and mission.

Mary Sharon Moore, M.T.S., has been evangelizing throughout the United States for over two decades. A committed follower of Jesus, Mary Sharon makes it easy for pastoral and catechetical leaders to call forth, raise, up, and support their laity in the tradition of the Church’s social teaching. And she ignites, forms, and animates lay men and women to do the work of the reign of God, in their place and time.

Since 2012, with her breakthrough book Anointed for a Purpose, Mary Sharon has become known for her signature work of awakening men and women of Christian faith to the power of their anointing in the Holy Spirit--for the good of the world they touch.

And now she is pleased to announce her “Dare to Believe, Rise Up to Act” initiative for pastoral and catechetical leaders and for laity. (Log in below and download her Dare to Believe Parish Assessment Tool.)

Mary Sharon believes that evangelizing is not "something you do." It's a way of being in the world--simply, and courageously, living the whole of the Gospel at every turn. And she draws richly from her own experience for stories that engage, challenge, and inspire.

Mary Sharon has a master's degree in theological studies from the Franciscan School of Theology in Berkeley, California, with a focus on liturgical spirituality. She is a much-sought spiritual director, with a direction practice that spans the United States.

Mary Sharon's most popular parish missions include Anointed for a Purpose; Conformed to Christ; Lord, Teach Us to Pray; Poor, Like Jesus; and Summer School for the Soul. Descriptions of all of her offerings are available in her Catalog 2018.

Mary Sharon's style is inviting, engaging, evangelizing, and deeply encouraging. Event planners appreciate her thorough attention to detail, and her ready collaboration to create high-impact events.

Speaking Topics:

Parish Mission: Anointed for a Purpose

Based on Mary Sharon’s most popular book, this mission offers rich insight and encouragement for baptismal mission for men and women in every stage and state in life, and for youth growing as disciples.

     Talks include:

  1. Becoming Anointed: Growing into sacramental life
  2. Living Anointed: Growing into mature relationship
  3. Remaining in Christ, Revealing Him Everywhere: Being church for our 21st century world

Parish Mission: Conformed to Christ

Drawing from Mary Sharon’s book of the same title, this mission helps participants to recognize the many invitations and entry points into mature, responsible life in Christ.

     Talks include:

  1. Invitations
  2. Your Apprenticeship Begins
  3. Being Sent

Parish Mission: Poor, Like Jesus

Inspired by Pope Francis’ words that “we first must be evangelized by the poor,” Mary Sharon shares her own journey into “a poverty that enriches others.”

     Talks include:

  1. Becoming Human
  2. Becoming Poor
  3. Becoming Whole for the Sake of the World 

Parish Mission: Summer School for the Soul: “Remind Me Why Church Matters”

With real-life stories and insights that open hearts, Mary Sharon ignites the fire of love for Jesus, for sacrament and scripture, reminding everyone of why church still matters.

     Talks include:

  1. Why Confirmation Matters
  2. Why Faithfulness Matters
  3. Why Church Matters in Our 21st Century World

Retreat for Women: Beatitudes with Grit and Grace

A rich immersion in the “blessed” way of life which equips women for the heavy lifting and spiritual challenges of life in the world they inhabit.

     Talks include:

  1. Ways of Being with God
  2. Ways of Being with Others
  3. Ways of Being in Our World

Retreat for Women: Courageous Conversations

A weekend exploration of the kinds of speech that can hold women back from the honesty of their experience and the fullness of their call to anointed life in God.

     Talks include:

  1. Hidden Invitations and Holy Announcements
  2. The Bold Work of Waking Up
  3. Interior Conversations and Truly Free Speech
  4. Walking on the Uncertain Surface of Your Life
  5. The Conversation That’s Waiting for You

Retreat for Women: Nothing is Impossible with God

A lovely Advent retreat which speaks equally to the challenge and invitation to move from the many forms of brokenness and incompleteness to a courageous life of fruitfulness and grace.

     Talks include:

  1. From Barren Spaces to Fruitfulness
  2. From Broken Spaces to Wholeness
  3. From Hopeless Spaces to Possibility
  4. From Forsaken Spaces to Invitation
  5. Learning to Walk on the Uncertain Surface of Your Life

Retreat for Midlife and Elder Years: Fresh Invitations for Midlife and Beyond

An insightful, hope-filled, inspiring retreat for men and women of retirement age, empty-nesters, and those who are ready to give themselves with renewed vigor to a greater mission.

     Talks include:

  1. How Do You Get to Wholeness?
  2. Reading Your Invitations
  3. Learning to Walk on the Uncertain Surface
  4. The Grace of Being Apprenticed by the Lord
  5. Invitations Revisited

Retreat for Midlife and Elder Years: Anointed for a Purpose in Midlife and Beyond

Based on Mary Sharon’s work in the area of lifelong anointing, and uniquely shaped for those in mid and later years who are ready to touch that sacramental anointing in new ways.

Confirmation Youth Talk: You Are Anointed for a Purpose!

Mary Sharon has a keen ability to get to the heart of the vocational conversation, geared for youth audiences. With lavish use of scripture and stories of other young people’s remarkable good in the world they touch, these talks are pure joyful moments of evangelizing, educating, and encouraging.

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