Mary Kay Slowikowski

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Mary Kay Slowikowski

Travels from Chicago, Illinois

Mary Kay Slowikowski is an internationally known speaker and the first female speaker to appear nationally in her own Emmy-nominated PBS special.  She is a master storyteller and veteran of business who uses personal stories and proven techniques to teach and inspire.

A former victim of crippling panic attacks and agoraphobia, Mary Kay was once unable to leave her home – now she speaks in front of thousands.

Mary Kay started her own business with her husband and has trained and spoken to countless Fortune 500 companies like Kraft, McDonald’s, Sprint, Pepsico and DuPont as well as dozens of Women's groups, Education groups, Health Care Systems, Direct Selling Companies and Government Agencies.

Mary Kay has also had a life-long focus on faith and community outreach. Within her church, Mary Kay serves as Lector, Eucharist Minister and Social Justice Committee leader. She started an Engaged Couples Ministry, Baptism Ministry and taught religious education for 12 years. Over the years, she has started six Christian Communities in three different states, along with chairing the Encore Group and Off-Site InSight at Old St. Patrick’s Church in Chicago.

Mary Kay’s ability to touch and teach audiences in a unique way is remarkable. Mary Kay doesn't come out of a book, she comes out of life.

Programs Include:
Journey to Reinvention: engage on a journey to reinvention by finding a new purpose, developing a Framework for Change and balancing the practical with the possible. There's a light at the end of the journey!

The Path to Enlightenment: Mary Kay relates her own struggle with panic attacks, agoraphobia and severe migraines to show how we all can reach past obstacles and find a higher purpose.

St. Paul on Leadership: St. Paul's exemplary model of leadership is explored. The ability to build positive relationships is through persuasion, not coercion. Create win/win relationships through effective communication and a "people first" philosophy.

Where is God in Your Purpose?What do you want out of life? How can you really help people? What gives your life the fullest meaning? Consider these core spiritual questions and rediscover the deep connection between God's plan and your own individual sense of purpose.

Renew Your Spirit: Resistance occurs when we say to ourselves, "It can't be that way." But what you resist often persists. The struggle with that realization changes us - how has struggled changed you? You can come out the other end with a new way of managing energy and outlook that achieves God's Plan. Renew Your Spirit today!

One Woman's Journey to Grace: through amazing grace, we have the opportunity to transform our lives. As a human being, you are no longer considered a "wretch" who needs to be saved - you are a child of God and God is glorified by the fact that you are the best you can be. Now that's "amazing grace."
Learn to Become Negativity-Free!
Are you ready to let go of the past and journey forward with enhanced skills that

take you to the next level? Do you wish you could learn how to deal with feedback

better and find a way to make use of it instead of dreading it? How about finding ways to take all those difficult and burdensome life events and turning them into something that really helps you grow spiritually, emotionally, and practically?

Join Mary Kay as she explores and explains how you can do just that! It’s time to draw your Road Map to less defensiveness, more self-awareness, and a greater understanding of what makes lasting relationships “tick”.

Delivered with Mary Kay’s trademark inspirational humor, it’s a day of renewal and reinvention: professionally, personally, and spiritually. This workshop will help you recharge and renew through the following steps:

 Learn how to become “negativity-free.”

 Understand when feedback is off-base, unfair, and poorly delivered.

 Become a conscious leader, free to guide and serve others.

 Discover how significant emotional events lead to growth in spirituality.

Mary Kay’s overarching purpose throughout her many popular presentations is to offer insight, motivation, and skills to develop your best self. Come join her and learn how to be “negativity-free”!


"We highly recommend Mary Kay Slowikowski as a group speaker.  Mary Kay is so personable and relatable yet she shares her stories and lessons in such an open and natural way, you feel like you've been friends with her your whole life, or wish you had been! She is honest, caring, and hilarious.  Mary Kay really knows how to read her audience and share applicable stories and anecdotes.  I can't say enough good things about our experience with her.  The women of our group really related and enjoyed our time together." - Gretchen M., Elmhurst, IL

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