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Mark Price as Saint Luke
Mark Price as Saint Paul
Mark Price as Judas Iscariot
Mark Price as St Francis of Assisi
Mark Price as Simon Peter
Mark Price as Simon Peter
Mark Price as Doubting Thomas
Mark Price as Simon Peter
Mark Price as St Paul at St Therese
Mark Price as Simon Peter
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Travels from San Diego, California

Mark has been Catholic since 1956 and has been speaking professionally since 1978.  His professional speaking was an extension of his theater background and corporate marketing and advertising experience.  When a guest speaker did not "show" for a regional marketing event Mark was asked to step in.

Since 1975 Mark has blended his corporate and faith based speaking.  Conventions/Conferences
 Mark Price has been a favored and popular speaker at conferences for many years.  He is a versatile presenter often incorporating his extensive research on many of the Apostles and connecting their life's challenges with our own.  Mark utilizes passion and humor to make points and inspire his audiences.


"What a terrific, motivational and uplifting presentation you made at our Kick-Off Rally.  Our salespeople thoroughly enjoyed the important message you humorously presented!" - B. Wolfe,  Field Operations Manager,  Toyota Motors    

"As our guest speaker, you surpassed anyone that had previously been with us." - Jack Parkinson,  Division President,  Sunroad Enterprises  

"You are a tremendous speaker.  Everyone was greatly impressed and grateful to you for bringing this great message." - Anna Dewey,  President,  Women V.I.P.'s

"The amazingly talented Mark Price as Joseph, gave us a very inspiring and unique entertainment experience!" - Retrouvaille ICM

"Awesome gathering once again and listening to this gifted man and his inspirations are still so amazing to see!" - Bertha Albert Fresquez

"You can't get better than Mark Price when he brings our bible godfathers to life! All the time God is good." - Patricia Archuleta


Have you thought about your next parish mission? 

In light of all that is happening in our world today; terrorism, war, scandal, layoffs, has there ever been a better time in our history to refocus on things spiritual?  To take time for a renewed look at discovering and growing in our Faith?  Mark has been conducting missions and retreats since 1975 and presenting Biblical portrayals since 1984.  The portrayals of Biblical characters adds a personal dimension that arouses greater interest in scripture and brings to life the message of Christ and the church in a very unique way.  Who better to encourage your parishioners to a closer walk and understanding of Jesus than those who knew Him best?

Mark offers missions of up to three nights; two nights, using his Biblical portrayals and one night of theological reflection on the liturgical season.  This mission can be offered any time during the year, but is especially poignant during Advent and Lent.


• Saint Joseph the father of Jesus will encourage all to become the Holy Family God wants us to be.

• Simon Peter reminds all that we represent the future, that we are a Holy nation, the true church of Christ, chosen by God to proclaim the glory of His Son.

• Judas Iscariot reminds us that as he failed, so can we. There is a part of him in each and every one of us.  The night I perform Judas would be a perfect opportunity to follow-up with a Penance service.

• Doubting Thomas questioned the resurrection of Jesus.  He said he would never believe that Jesus was alive unless he put his fingers into His wounds.

• Saint Paul is responsible for one half of the New Testament.  A persecutor of the followers of Jesus who becomes one of His most ardent evangelists.

• Saint Luke is responsible for the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles.  He traveled with Paul and likely mended Paul's wounds using his skill as a physician.  He was a Greek gentile who converted.  (60 minutes)  

• Saint Francis of Assisi is the most popular Saint in the world.  He is loved for his devotion to Christ, the poor,peace and nature. (60 minutes)

After an evening’s portrayal, he usually return to the audience, out of costume, to expand on the message.  Mark does extensive research for each Biblical portrayal and will share his exegetical, practical and personal experience of each character, as well as answer any questions there might be.


Mark has been organizing, conducting and participating in retreats since 1975.  He is willing to coordinate and design a retreat to meet your specific needs;  or participate as a presenter in retreats worldwide.  
Mark's years of experience help in addressing your groups needs and goals. We will work with you to tailor a message which will best address the issues and desires for the retreat and we can provide or recommend beautiful and peaceful locations for retreats around the world.  Music has always been an important element of our retreats.  There is nothing like music to establish a mood and provide an environment for soul searching, faith development and introspection.  
We know that it is your retreat and we will personalize all aspects to meet your expectations.

Lay Pastor Society:

A Ministry inspired by John 21:16 The Lay Pastor Society has been designed to provide information for all participating or interested in the Lay Pastor Society.   It is our goal to see that this ministry is as easy to implement as it is important. 

Once implemented, this ministry provides a safety net within your parish or church community.  Think about it - every family in your parish being contacted every month.   The message left every month with every family is simple - "I Love You".

Faith Based Speaking

Speaking Topics:

The following are some of the most requested presentation topics for Missions, Conventions & Retreats:

  • MERCY - God's Judgment Tempered by God's Love - Celebrating the Jubilee Year of Mercy
  • "My Testimony"
  • "The Divine Love Mysteries"
  • "Divine Love vs Secular Love"
  • "She Never Heard Me Laugh - One Man's Healing Journey"
  • "Who Defines You"
  • "To Thine Own Self Be True"
  • "Let Your Light Shine"
  • "Go and Evangelize"
  • "A 12 Step Program for Ministers"
  • "Life - Our Conversation with God"
  • "If Not You, Then Who?" Assuming Personal Responsibility
  • "Believe & Achieve - How Do We Know We Believe"
  • "It's All About the Little Things in Life"
  • "Being Extra-Ordinary in Ordinary Times "
  • "Called to be Family "
  • "Being Proactive in Our Faith"
  • "The Woman at the Well"
  • The 5 Steps of Conversion
  • "In Their Own Words" - Biblical Portrayals  

In addition to the time for the presentation, Mark is also available for questions and answers with those in attendance.  Mark also creates Daily Reflections called If Not You, Then Who? They are reflections on the Scriptures with a connection to our world today.

Recent Essay:

Give Life A Try: Change the Direction by Changing the Paradigm

With the recent shooting at the Oregon community college our nation has experienced another horrendous act of violence and many families lives will be forever altered. In response, our nation’s leaders, on both sides, seem to be more interested in advancing their own cause or agendas and less interested in the pain and suffering of the victims their families and friends.

The escalation of these acts proves that the rhetoric on both sides is nothing more than cheap grandstanding. They talk, they argue and yet the problem continues. Defending the Constitution is all well and good but the speeches have done nothing to decrease the problem. Nor in any way effectively address the problem. On the other side using emotions and fear has done little to stop the problem it may actually make the problem worse as it does nothing to address the core or underlying issue; what makes people want to hurt and kill others.

Arguing that more gun laws and that more gun control will solve the problem may sound good to a segment of society but does not address the core problem. Chicago has the strictest, or close to it, gun laws in the country and yet they have the worst gun violence, or close to it, of any city in the country. One sides defending the Constitution and the other sides arguing for more gun laws speaks to their agendas but does not address and has not addressed the core problem.

I believe there is a direct correlation between the escalation in capital crime and the diminishing of the sanctity of life. Whether we teach that ALL life is not sacred directly or we teach it indirectly by creating laws that diminish life makes no difference. Either way the message is the same; life is not sacred, life is not important.

When we, as a society, embrace laws that pick and choose which life is better and which life is more important we are embracing a message that says maybe life is only sacred or important sometimes and only in some situations or only when our nation’s leaders determine them to be sacred, important or special.

I believe the overall need in our nation, our society, our families is to understand that ALL life is sacred.

We are a country of laws but we make a mistake when we believe that the laws alone will address our country's ills. The laws only work when we remember, realize and believe that all laws emanate from a higher authority and that the sanctity of life is the primary foundation for all laws.

Sadly we have developed the mindset that the laws alone are the solution. This is a false narrative; if there is not a belief that all life is sacred then what does it matter if I hurt someone. Without the connection to a higher authority the laws have little consequence for those who want to inflict pain and suffering. Evil exists in the world and evil will always exist. Evil can be tempered with laws that acknowledge a higher authority and laws that embrace the paradigm that ALL life is sacred.

I believe embracing this paradigm would help in addressing all of our nations controversial issues:

If people believed that ALL life is sacred they might treat their adversaries with more honesty and respect.

If people believed that All life is sacred they could come together on climate change as the debate would center more on the premise of being good stewards of the world we have inherited rather than arguing over my science is bigger and better than your science.

If people believed that ALL life is sacred then the debate on discrimination would take a radical turn. Today our nation seems to address discrimination by creating subsets, by suggesting that this group was hurt or this group needs help or this group needs special attention. They address these problems by creating special categories or classes of people. You cannot get rid of discrimination by creating subsets and protected classes of people. All you do is pander to one group or another and the unintended, hopefully unintended, consequence is more discrimination.

If people believe that ALL life is sacred there would be no reason for hate crime legislation. It is creating subsets, special categories of people. Why is it a greater crime to kill someone because they are Muslim or gay or black? If ALL Life is sacred then taking a life is wrong no matter who it is and no matter what group or no matter the circumstances.

If we believe that ALL life is sacred then we have to believe it is Sacred from conception to natural death. Which means that abortions should not be embraced and funded by government. It also means that the death penalty needs to be abolished. People need to be held accountable for their crimes but we are undermining the paradigm that ALL life is sacred when we as a nation, as a society are modeling something to the contrary. If society can pick and choose what life is sacred what life is important then we shouldn't be surprised when our nation raises children with the same belief and mindset. A society can’t diminish life and then wonder why their citizens are doing the same.

Now I am not naive, I know that many people and groups have defined themselves and developed terrific incomes from taking one side or the other. But if we were to rationally step back and look at what their line-in-the-sand positions have gotten us it is clear that they are causing more harm and spawning more evil than they are reducing or solving. Violence is on a rise and the dissension among our leaders is causing distrust and disgust among the populous. Our leader’s agendas are winning, people wishing to do evil are winning and sadly the average citizen is losing and paying an enormous price. In some cases the ultimate price.

My recommendation, my challenge is for us to come together and Change the Direction by Changing the Paradigm - Give Life A Try.

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