Maria Vargo

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Maria Vargo Catholic Speaker and Musician
Maria Vargo Catholic Speaker and Musician
Maria Vargo Catholic Speaker and Musician
Maria Vargo Catholic Speaker and Musician

Travels from St. Louis, Missouri

Maria Vargo, a native of St. Louis, Missouri, is a Hollywood-based actress, singer/songwriter, director, and Catholic speaker. She most recently starred as St. Faustina in a one-woman North American tour having performed the show over 300 times.  A film of "Faustina" is set to be released this year.

Maria has been featured on EWTN, Catholic TV, and the Catholic Forum.  She has offered keynotes, missions and music performances for Legatus, Theology on Tap, Totally Yours, Stockbridge (Divine Mercy Sunday), SeminariesUniversity Newman Centers, numerous parishes, high-schools and grade school events.

Here are some key themes you can choose from: 

  • Divine Mercy In My Life: Maria's personal witness of the power of Divine Mercy combined with St. Faustina's message and original music brings joy and healing. Perfect for those seeking God’s forgiveness and wondering whether it is possible to find and keep holiness in a secular world.
  • Trusting in the Plan God has Made for You: What is our purpose, how do we live it in a secularized world and how do we know we are really doing God's will? Maria will share her music and message of how God's mercy has worked in her life and give us the tools to discern where God is leading us and above all else to everyday trust in the plan He has made for each one of our lives.
  • Art and Evangelization: See how drama and the arts can change lives and how each of us are called to use our gifts and talents to evangelize in our day to day lives.  Inspiring for those who are called to be leaders in their businesses, communities and parishes.

Every time Maria performs, the feedback is powerful. Here are examples of what people have shared: 

  • “I will never forget this for as long as I live!”- Therese
  • “You're personal story was inspiring, it brings hope to the hopeless”-Samantha
  • “You gave a great and inspiring testimony of faith and trust in Jesus! It was really moving!”- Fr. Timothy Tarnacki
  • “After the performance, I was speechless with the realization that I had been evangelized, deeply healed, and immersed in God's Perfect Love and Divine Mercy.”- Karen Rotter

Her résumé includes numerous roles in film, television, and theater, in addition to work as an artistic director and producer for a faith-based theater in Los Angeles. Aside from her work on stage and screen, Maria Vargo’s many talents encompass a far-reaching spectrum from singer, songwriter to voice teacher for actors. Her passion for music led to producing an original Christian CD entitled Fire Tries Iron and most recently a Christmas CD entitled Coming Home For Christmas. She shares her talents with the Catholic community by cantoring at Mass, giving concerts and speaking at conferences across the US, Canada and Africa.

Because of her own deep spiritual conversion several years ago, Maria loves to share the message of God’s endless mercy with the world, particularly because she has experienced it first hand in her own life.

Maria is a member of SAG-AFTRAAEA, and ASCAP.

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