Maison Des Champs The Prolife Spider-Man

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Maison Des Champs Spiderman
Maison Des Champs
Pro Life Spiderman

Travels from Chicago, Illinois

Maison Des Champs "The Prolife Spiderman" is one of America's most up and coming pro-life voices. In May of 2022 following the news of “The Justice for the Five,” he decided to launch a pro-life campaign that would later gain international attention and be featured on Tucker Carlson. Note: (Maison is currently not a practicing Catholic but is proud to stand next to his Catholic brothers and fight for the sanctity of life.)

Maison brings a new cultural dynamic to the pro-life movement; he uses his skills as a rock climber to raise money for women in crisis pregnancy by free solo climbing skyscrapers around the country. He has climbed buildings such as the 1070’ Salesforce Tower in San Francisco, The 770’ New York Times building, the 483’ Chase Tower in Phoenix, and many others. Maison is an ambassador for both Turning Point USA and Let Them Live. His goal is to raise money for women in crisis pregnancies as well as educate and inspire people to speak out against abortion regardless of the backlash. Maison speaks about having the courage and conviction to overcome fear.

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