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Maison Des Champs Spiderman
Maison Des Champs
Pro Life Spiderman

Travels from Chicago, Illinois

Maison Des Champs "The Prolife Spiderman" is one of America's most up and coming pro-life voices and has done something never seen before in the pro-life movement. The young man literally scales skyscrapers in just jeans and a t-shirt with no safety ropes (free soloing) to bring attention to the fight for life. Absolutely amazing and creative way to capture the world's attention about the unborn. Watch his video below!

In May of 2022 following the news of “The Justice for the Five,” he decided to launch a pro-life campaign that would later gain international attention and be featured on Tucker Carlson. Note: (Maison is currently not a practicing Catholic but is proud to stand next to his Catholic brothers and fight for the sanctity of life.)

Maison speaks on a variety of topics when it comes to activism, prolife and using the God-given talents you have to create something amazing in this world. He has become an incredibly popular speaker among youth events, men's conferences, church events and more.

Maison DesChamps, widely recognized as the "Pro-Life Spiderman," is a prominent figure in the pro-life movement, known for his daring and high-profile climbs of skyscrapers to raise awareness for his cause. Born and raised in the United States, DesChamps developed a passion for both activism and extreme sports from a young age. His unique blend of advocacy and athleticism has captured the attention of media and supporters worldwide.

DesChamps began his journey into activism while studying finance at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Deeply moved by the pro-life cause, he sought innovative ways to bring attention to the issue. His background in rock climbing and a fearless approach to heights inspired him to combine these skills with his passion for advocacy. Thus, the persona of the "Pro-Life Spiderman" was born.

Maison’s first major climb was the Salesforce Tower in San Francisco in May 2022. This bold stunt, executed without any safety gear, garnered significant media coverage and sparked conversations about the pro-life movement. His ascent was not merely an adrenaline-fueled exploit but a carefully planned act of civil disobedience intended to draw attention to what he sees as the moral imperative to protect unborn lives.

Following the Salesforce Tower climb, DesChamps continued his high-rise demonstrations, scaling buildings like the New York Times Building in New York City and the Renaissance Center in Detroit. Each climb is meticulously planned, taking into account the structure’s design and the necessary physical and mental preparation. His actions have not only highlighted the pro-life message but have also raised funds for various pro-life organizations.

Beyond his climbs, Maison DesChamps is an articulate spokesperson for the pro-life movement. He uses his platform to speak at events, participate in debates, and engage with both supporters and critics. His efforts extend to social media, where he shares his experiences and the rationale behind his activism, reaching a global audience.

DesChamps’ work is not without controversy. His methods have sparked debate over the appropriateness and safety of using such extreme tactics for advocacy. However, he remains steadfast in his mission, emphasizing the importance of drawing attention to the pro-life cause in innovative and impactful ways.

In addition to his activism, Maison is committed to his academic and professional pursuits in finance. Balancing his studies with his advocacy work, he exemplifies dedication and perseverance. He aims to continue using his unique talents to champion the pro-life message and inspire others to think creatively about their activism.

Maison DesChamps’ combination of fearless physical feats and passionate advocacy has made him a distinctive and influential figure in the pro-life movement. As the "Pro-Life Spiderman," he continues to climb new heights—both literally and figuratively—in his quest to promote and protect life.

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