Luke Spehar

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Luke Spehar
Luke Spehar
Luke Spehar Catholic

Travels from St. Paul, Minnesota

Twin Cities Native, Luke Spehar, crafts Catholic Folk music with his intricate finger picking style and raw lyrics that draw the listener deeper into the dynamic journey of life lived in the light of God’s love. He draws from both the simple, natural beauty of the outdoors and the common human experiences including love, suffering, failures and triumphs. Luke's performances create a unique space for prayer and reflection leading to a transforming and renewing encounter with Christ.

“We all need to be inspired from time to time, especially in our spiritual journeys. Luke Spehar is using music in a powerful way to inspire the people of our times.” - Matthew Kelly

Luke grew up in a small rural community north of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, and began writing songs at the age of 16 and composed all of the music on his debut album, Be still, before he graduated high school.  Be still, chronicles his triumphs and struggles in his Catholic faith throughout high school. He continued to write music throughout his college years, a time he devoted to discerning a potential call to the Catholic priesthood.  The songs from his second album, No Other Way, were born during this challenging time of growth and reflection through adoration and philosophical formation.

Following seminary, Luke felt drawn and inspired to use his gift of music to participate in the New Evangelization. He began recording and then performing around the country. Since then, he has performed for audiences of all ages, from concerts to retreats to memorials; in churches, cafes, and university auditoriums; for youth groups, colleges and for U.S. military events.  In 2012, Luke was honored to open for Grammy Award-winning musician Ben Harper on tour in both the U.S. and Canada.

In September 2014, Luke released the much-anticipated third album, All Is Gift, co-produced by Ben Harper and Sheldon Gomberg. In January 2015, he married his wife, Elizabeth Yetzer, and together, they are traveling the country releasing Luke’s third album, All Is Gift.

“Luke Spehar has all three in spades, singing writing and guitar playing as well as great studio instincts. Working with he and Sheldon on this record was a great experience.” - Ben Harper (Three-time Grammy Award Winning Artist)


Generally, each performance carries the audience through Luke's personal reflections that inspired each song. His explanations create a space that allows listeners to pray and reflect while he performs. Luke's stories resonate with a broad audience as he addresses topics including pursuing God's will, family life, loss of loved ones, the war in our culture, the beauty of our country and spousal love.


"All Is Gift!" (Audience: All Ages)

Imagine a world where everyone knew what gifts they were given and used them to honor God! Sadly, it seems that not enough people recognize the gifts they have, or if they do, they don’t use them to the fullest extent. In this talk and musical performance, Luke gives a witness to the joy he found as he began to discover his God-given gifts. Luke shares his own transformational process that ultimately resulted in him deciding to use them to honor God, the giver of all things, and give them back by traveling the country to share his music. Luke inspires and motivates his audience to identify their own gifts and to consider how they can use them to build up their local church and ultimately the body of Christ.

“Luke’s performance targets all age groups.  His stories are poignant and personal and serve as lead-ins to his songs. He plays guitar beautifully and his music is peaceful and thoughtful.  I loved that he stressed gratefulness for the gifts God has given us as well as talking about the whole area of respect which is sadly missing in our society today.” - Pete Theban (Principal at Marquette school in Tulsa OK)

"Be Still" (Audience: Middle School Aged +)

In this day and age, the speed of life is so fast it leaves very little space for quietness, reflection and prayer. In other words, it leaves us with very little space to hear the Lord's voice in our hearts and discern His will. This testimonial-talk and performance creates a space to slow down and find an internal stillness that invites the Lord to speak and creates a space to listen. Luke shares how he has applied the lessons he learned while discerning the call to the Priesthood in college seminary to his day to day life as an independent Catholic musician touring the country. Through song and witness, Luke encourages the audience to make time for Christ and find the stillness of heart to be able to hear His voice. 

“Luke's music fills the listeners soul with peace for it comes from his heart to yours. His honesty and transparency are truly refreshing.” - Todd Sylvester (Youth Minister-St. Lawrence, Fairhope, AL)

"Which Road From Here?" (Audience: High School Upperclassmen, University Students, Young Adults)

With so many youth leaving the church as they transition out of high school it is clear that making a radical decision to follow Christ can seem very daunting at times. Perhaps more daunting is the question of how to find and live out one’s vocation whether the Lord is calling someone to marriage, priesthood, single life or consecrated life. Luke shares his fears and doubts as he discerned entering minor seminary and the possibility of being a priest after high school and the process the Lord brought him through to help him decide to pursue a music ministry and ultimately discern marriage. Luke shares the music that the Lord inspired in his heart during these times to inspire courage to boldly follow where the Lord is leading your heart regardless of the fear and doubt.

“Luke Spehar has been a true blessing to the students of Benedictine College.  Luke’s soul speaks through his music with beautiful harmony, and both his lyrics and melodies cut to the heart.  Luke has moved our students and inspired them in their walk with Christ, and it is with my highest esteem that I recommend him to you for any college event or gathering.” - Dan Haden (Former Director of Student Activities, Benedictine College)

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