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Louis Melgoza Catholic Speaker

Travels from Louisville, Kentucky

"Spiritual Warfare"  ...A topic which is not spoken about very often but is needed urgently in these times!  Louis Melgoza is a Religious Demonologist specializing in Spiritual Warfare.  He is a dynamic speaker who delivers a powerful message. A message which is both riveting and enlightening, especially in today’s culture and environment. Fueled by formal education, real life experiences and the Holy Spirit. He shines a renewed light and meaning on the visible and invisible elements which affect each one of us. In his presentations on Spiritual Combat, Louis shares the power of the Church’s truths, about the remedy to spiritual as well as physical issues, which have been forgotten by so many for so long, but which are available to each and every one of us.

Spiritual Combat is another element of life which needs to be taught anew and proposed once more to all Christians today. It is a secret and interior art, an invisible struggle in which (we) engage every day against the temptations, the evil suggestions that the demon tries to plant in (our) hearts.” - Address of the Holy Father JPII, 25th of May, 2002

 It is this “Secret and Interior Art” which Louis shares in each and every presentation!

Louis has taught the Catholic Faith to adults since 1995 in Schools, Parishes and even founded a Prison Ministry in Western Colorado, which he ran in the years: 2000-2006.  In 2011, Louis joined the world’s leading Exorcists and Theologians in Rome to undertake the Church’s training and gain certification in the specialized area of Exorcism and the Prayer of Deliverance.  Since that time, as a Layperson, he has worked in this field as a Consultant (Corporate and Private), Speaker, and Teacher.  He assists in Church approved Exorcisms and with Church permission remediates many other types of anomalous phenomena.  Louis is blessed with a beautiful wife and three loving children.

Louis focuses his presentations on the spiritual battles that we all face.  Through each of these talks he shares the “Art of Spiritual Warfare”, showing the practical application of God’s gifts (weapons) to “fight the good fight”… and win through Jesus!

Speaking Topics Include:  

Applying Christ’s Victory To Our Lives (The Reality of The Devil): Jesus died for us…but why? To conquer Death... but it's much more than that!  This Presentation takes us beyond the normal everyday talks of Jesus and His Love and Mercy.  This Talk will get to the nature of His Love and Mercy and the reason why Jesus actually sacrificed Himself to the Father.  He is victorious, right? But, victorious over what? Or better yet… over whom?

Blessings and Curses (Are They Real?): In Scripture we see many instances of Blessings and Curses, in the Old and New Testaments. This Presentation climbs right into one of Spiritual Warfare’s “Sweet Spots”.  This Talk shows how the Church has never stopped teaching that Blessings as well as Curses exist and affect our lives. The Presentation reveals how to discern if there are Curses in your life and how to break and reverse their effects.  Real life experiences are related and realities which are commonplace for most people are shown in a new light.  

The Art of Spiritual Combat (Defense Against The Dark Arts): "We are at war!" St. John says that Jesus came to defeat the works of the Devil.  St. Paul says that we are at war BUT our battle is” NOT against flesh and blood, but against Principalities and Powers” … Things and beings which we cannot see! So what are we to do?  Jesus’ victory is the key to winning these battles that we face. We are called from Baptism to engage in Spiritual Combat!  Here we discuss specifically how to do that… the types of battles that we face and the types of weapons that we have been given and can acquire.

Discernment and Protection Over Our Families: Did you know that the primary target of the Devil is the destruction of the Family? Did you know that as parents we have a right and a duty to discern right from wrong on behalf of our children?  Did you know that we have the power to call down God’s blessings upon them?  Too often we think that we need to wait for a Priest or Deacon to bless members of our families.  Although these blessings are welcomed, the blessing of a parent carries a different type of power.  And the prayers of protection of a parent over a child carry a special weight which is unique for the child.  In this Talk I speak about the unique relationships that exist within the Family and how to defend these relationships from attacks of the Devil.  This is one of the hidden treasures of Spiritual Warfare… the weapon of the prayers of parents for their children and the prayers of children for their parents..

The Doorways That We Open and How We Can Shut Them: When someone knocks on our door we usually open up and sometimes invite them in.  It is the same with our spiritual life.  We need to discern who is at our door!  This Presentation looks at the different visitors trying to access our spiritual door and how to defend against them.

Other Topics: Relationships, Effective Prayer, and The Role of the Communion of Saints and the Angels in Spiritual Combat


"I enthusiastically endorse Louis Melgoza..  Louis led presentations at St. Rose on Spiritual Warfare, an area in which he has a particular interest and I can attest that he is engaging, well-informed, and orthodox. His talks were excellent." Fr. Kevin McGrath O.P.,  Pastor St Rose Priory Church, Springfield KY

"Mr. Melgoza is an effective presenter. He has a pleasant and magnetic demeanor and use of his voice. His personality is a bridge to the truths he conveys and ultimately to Jesus Christ. I highly recommend him." - Rev. Matthew Hardesty, Pastor Holy Trinity, Fredericktown KY/ Holy Rosary, Manton KY and Assistant to the Vicar for Priests Archdiocese of Louisville, KY

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