Laura B Nelson

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Laura B Nelson

Travels from Grapevine, Texas

The life of a layperson is full of challenges, successes, and failures each and every day.  Laura Nelson journeys that path along with her audiences while sharing her own trials and tribulations.  Her gift and her mission is to meet people where they are and inspire them to take their faith to a deeper level while sharing her own experiences and, more importantly, the Church's teachings. While Laura's main topic is discussing the connection between our faith and our treatment of the environment, she also speaks on a myriad of issues regarding the spiritual lives of everyday Catholics. She has the ability to laugh at her own imperfections while removing guilt and replacing it with love.  Even weighty topics are entertaining and easy to understand when she speaks.

In addition to being the Coordinator of Children’s Catechesis at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Grapevine, TX, Laura Nelson is a wife, mother of three children, Catholic blogger, author, speaker, teacher, and life-long student of the Catholic faith.  She also finds a little time to write a monthly column for Catholic Mom. When she isn’t working, mothering, writing, blogging, or speaking about our faith, she tries to keep up with the laundry, spend time with her family, and take an occasional nap. 

Topics include:

Green 4 God:  Caring for the Gift of God’s Creation-These days it seems that environmentalism has become its own religion with the earth as its god.  But Catholics who are living their faith everyday have a important role to play in the environment.  Green 4 God puts the one true God back into the center of our lives and teaches how you can care for the earth according to God’s plan for creation.

Women of Wonder-Are you a Wonder Woman, Wondering Woman or a Woman of Wonder?  Learn what your to-do list can reveal about your spiritual life and how you can achieve a more balanced life with God at its center.

In my Humble Opinion:  The Role of Humility in Christian Relationships-Modern culture often misunderstands the virtue of humility, or even worse, dismisses it.   In reality true spiritual humility is the key to healthy Christian relationships.  Learn what the virtue of humility is and isn't, and how it should be at the heart of loving relationships.

Harvesting a Fruitful Lent-Lent is a beautiful time of reflection and prayer but it also can be challenging to come up with a fresh approach to the season.  Sometimes we need help to reinvigorate our Lenten practices.  Learn how to prepare the soil of your soul, plant the seeds of faith, fertilize your efforts and harvest the fruit of this bountiful season of the liturgical year.

For references please contact the following:

Gayle Semptner-Ladies of Grace Catholic Women’s Conference Chairwoman and Organizer

Edmund Mitchell-Director of Youth Catechesis and Evangelization, Grapevine, TX

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